Best Money Reads: Stop That WikiLeak! Edition

by Darwin on December 3, 2010

As much as I despise the treason committed by the soldier who downloaded classified information with the intent of disseminating to our enemies and the world, I am in awe of the implications of the Wikileaks phenomena and what it means to the world.  Not only have our diplomatic, strategic and historical records been divulged, but now there’s a corporate tilt to it.  Now, Assange claims to have dirt on a major bank (seems likely to be Bank of America).  Imagine if disgruntled employees and government workers worldwide are now emboldened to start stealing and sharing internal documents, intellectual property, corporate strategies, design ideas and anything else they can get their hands on.  Now, that’s a real world-flattener.  There’s no shortage of ideologues out there, so who knows what this movement will evolve into.  That aside, some great reads in the world of personal finance and investing.  Oh, and we’re getting to that time of year!  Make sure you check out these Year-End Financial Tips and Tricks to hit before the clock stops.  Here we go:

Some Yakezie (Full List):

Wealth PilgrimSeparately Managed Accounts – A Terrible Alternative. Here’s Why.

Len PenzoHow My Great Dane and I Got Cheated By a Fake Charity

Consumerism CommentaryBody Parts You Can Sell

Financial SamuraiOpen Enrollment: You Might Die An Expensive Death So Sign-up Now

Budgeting the Fun Stuff Fit in a Fun Friday – Holiday Decorations

Free From BrokeLIFE Has A Way Of Screwing Up Budgets

Invest it WiselyBook Review: The Great Credit Contraction

Investor JunkieFinancial Literacy and Mortgage Delinquency

MoneyCrush7 Ways Being Debt-Free Will Change Your Life

Stuff I Wrote All Over the Place:


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