Essay Writing Service Ins and Outs

August 26, 2015

There are many occasions where I would have loved to have had an essay writing service handle some heavy lifting for me instead of having to hunker down, prioritize, and then write something sub-par myself.  Over the years, various business models have evolved to the point now, where there are viable quality options out there […]

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Should Kids Be Encouraged to Pursue Engineering Degrees?

July 2, 2013

I just read a great post from Joe at Retire by 40 about a letter he got. He’s an engineer (recently retired) and often shares his personal experiences and insights on being an engineer. So, check out his post here first for his thoughts and comments. But this was timely because we have kids and […]

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Making Sure That College Degree is Worth It

July 1, 2013

Brought to you by SmarterBucks: I’ve written before about the cost/benefit of getting a college education.  I don’t fall into the camp that “every American should get a college degree”.  It’s plainly evident, especially in today’s economy, that many people who paid handsomely for college degrees just aren’t using them.  They’d probably be making the […]

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$1 Trillion Student Loan Tab, Americans Ask “Where’s MY Bailout”?

November 29, 2012

Over the past few years, Americans have seen so many people, companies and entire industries bailed out, that naturally, they start wondering when they get “their bailout”, as if the multiple handouts the administration has doled out aren’t enough (a record 47 Million Americans on Food Stamps, unprecedented 99 weeks of unemployment, years of a […]

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The #1 Thing You Need to Be Successful in Life (That Nobody Talks About)

November 11, 2012

The world abounds with experts purporting to hold the “secret” to success (yes, pun intended for that horrible video The Secret). The thing is, it’s often tied to a gimmick or some program they want you to buy. The reality is that there is one single behavior that I’ve found is instrumental in EVERY aspect […]

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My Electrician Makes More Than a Doctor

May 20, 2012

Boy, that’s the fastest $2800 I ever spent!  Ever since my wife and I decided we weren’t moving last year, we took inventory of all the stuff we wanted to do to the house to make it worth staying (I’m still convinced in the end if I drop another $50K into this house over the […]

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