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Ways to Get Through Tough Financial Times

October 17, 2016

All of us experience tough financial waters every now and then. You can prepare for these things, but sometimes the challenges are greater than our preparations. If you find yourself in a time when your money is topsy turvy, it’s important to keep your head and act rationally. The way you react to choppy financial […]

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Loyalty or Bottom Line: Does it Pay to Switch your Loan to a Better Deal?

October 3, 2016

For many homeowners and people with long-term loans, the question arises if it’d be better to refinance and remortgage than stick it out on the loans full term time. Remortgaging is constantly changing and homeowners could consider a new deal that would be beneficial to them.   The question is when does it pay to […]

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The Evolution of the Forex Market: How has it Evolved throughout the Years?

September 26, 2016

While the creation of the gold standard monetary system in 1875 was lauded as one of the seminal moments in economic history, few could have predicted that it would evolve into the modern forex market that we have access to today. This event triggered an evolution that has continued at pace for more than a […]

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Three Unusual but Important Question (and answers) on Student Loan Consolidation

September 19, 2016

College is great; it provides you with valuable skill and education, and it gives you a shot at getting a decent job through which you can attain financial stability. However, going to college means that you might need to take on student loans in order to fund your education. Hence, many college students and recent […]

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Money Under Your Roof: Smart Ways to Use Your Home as a Source of Extra Income

September 17, 2016

Owning a home is an expensive affair. Even though your property may be appreciating in value every year, you don’t get to see any of that unless you sell or use it for collateral. Meanwhile the money pours out in taxes, utilities, and maintenance. How about getting your home to pay for itself a bit […]

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Credit Card Limits Are Fraught with Danger

September 16, 2016

One popular way to juggle debt used to be accepting one of the invitations to take on a new credit card offering 0% balance transfers. Existing balances could then be moved to avoid being charged at a high rate of interest. This juggling became a ‘’merry go round’’ because promotional 0% balance transfer offers always […]

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