Yet Another Faulty Investment Strategy I Keep Hearing About

November 24, 2013

I was eating lunch with a co-worker today and he told me how he was getting completely out of stocks in his 401(k) account and switching to all cash and bonds. When I asked why, he acted like I was a dope and said, “the market is up over 20% so far this year. Since […]

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What Was Your First Investment Ever?

April 20, 2013

I was thinking back to how I first became so enthusiastic about saving and investing and how far I’ve come since my dad brought home the first finance book I’d ever read from the library.  It was a book about George Soros and how he’d made Billions on a bet against the British Pound.  I’m […]

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Market Rally Unfazed By Cyprus – Time to Sell Yet?

March 21, 2013

As an investor glued to the news, Jim Cramer and all the doomsday blogs, you’d think markets should have sold off in epic fashion and gold should be breaching $3000 by now.  Calamity after calamity has yet to result in the selloff everyone’s waiting for.  Going back to 2012, we had the European debt crisis. […]

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Why Stocks Are Breaking Records and it’s Not a Bubble

March 5, 2013

So, we’ve seen the stock market continue to rally in the face of all sorts of should-be lousy news ranging from the re-election of “anti-biz” Obama to the end of the world sequestration that we have somehow survived thus far.  This momentum and continued rally in equities has many investors and analysts scratching their heads […]

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These Mutual Funds Actually Beat The Index. And “The Market”

February 14, 2013

I usually deter investors from chasing hot mutual funds based on last year’s returns because they tend to have much higher costs and managers find it difficult to repeat the performance. In fact, most mutual fund, hedge fund and individual money manager outperformance in a given year is due solely to luck and not skill […]

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Become Better Diversified and Get Higher Stock Market Returns

February 10, 2013

Every investor knows that diversification is the most fundamental and important part of a good, long-term investment strategy. However, there is no clear cut definition for what “diversification” really means. How far do you take the idea of diversification? Do you stop at the number of stocks or bonds your hold, or do you look […]

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