Darwin’s Portfolio October Update – It’s a Winner!

by Darwin on October 20, 2010

I’ve been updating on my portfolio performance monthly (see updates here) by showing what an even-weighted portfolio of my long stock holdings would do against the S&P500 index, which most professional money managers fail to beat over time.  Thus far this year, both my long holdings and my total portfolio performance (includes options trades, shorting leveraged ETFs, exploiting pairs trades,  and more) has been great.  If I can talk about my worst trade ever earlier this week, then I’ll take a bow here today.

Overall, since last update on 20-Sep-2010, here’s how I fared:

S&P500 – Up 3.2%
Darwin’s Portfolio Avg (Mean) Up 8.7%

For another month, a pretty sweet returns I must say… Google (GOOG) crushed earnings this quarter, Apple (AAPL) didn’t hit the whisper number but recovered anyway, Netflix (NFLX) went nuts in after-hours trading tonight on earnings, and everything else continued to take off.  I only had one loser on the month, PMF, which is a muni closed end fund that’s been throwing off decent yield, but has lost steam when it was evident the risk trade was back on.  Gold continued to rally (GLD), and emerging markets buoyed Colombia (GXG).

The only major purchases this month were (AMLP), which is a Master Limited Partnership ETF (the hidden gem of individual investing) with a juicy yield, and I bought ACC for my self-directed retirement account (not covered here), which is a neat way to tap the college student housing REIT which also carries a nice yield.

I had some other one-off trades that worked out nicely, like a short on (ESI) that hit just perfectly before Oct expiry with the for-profit school scam mess, and I had a credit spread on SPY which netted a few hundred bucks.  I didn’t have any turkeys to report for the month.

What Are Some of Your Favorite Darwinian Investments?

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