Evolutionary Reading – 1/22/2010 Edition

by Darwin on January 23, 2011

Here are some of my favorite reads from around the web, blogger networks I participate in, content I wrote elsewhere around the web, and other mentions:

Best O The Rest:

Financial Highway – Money and Ignorance

Fiscal Fizzle – How We Save $1,000s on Health Spending Every Year

Simple Dollar – Fresh Out of College with Loans and No Job – Now What?

the Mish – Illinois is the Worst.

Burning Platform – Government Lies. This Week, About Inflation


Financial Samurai – Who Pays the Bill?

KNS Financial – Giveaways!

MTJM – Obstacles to Financial Freedom

Invest it Wisely – First Home!

Sweating the Big Stuff – How to Improve your Credit Score

Len Penzo – Buy a Used Car – in 100 words

Stuff I Wrote all Over the Place:

Carnivals that Featured My Content:

Cavalcade of Risk

Canadian Finance Carnival

Carnival of Wealth

Best of Credit Cards Carnival

Totally Money Blog

Carnival of Traders and Investors

Tax Carnival

Yakezie Carnival

Totally Money Carnival

Best of money

Best of Credit Cards and Saving Money

Carnival of Personal Finance

Yakezie Carnival

Carnival of Wealth

Canadian Finance Carnival

Carnival of Taxes 78

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Evan January 24, 2011 at 10:46 am

Thanks for the mention!


Invest It Wisely January 24, 2011 at 10:55 am

Is that stuff you wrote recently or over the last week alone? I’d like to know how you write so fast and so much if over the last week alone. 😉

Thanks for the mention!


Darwin January 24, 2011 at 11:01 am

I can only get around to a roundup every 2 weeks, so I’m not that productive by any means! I probably average a post per night on weeknights (doing 2 some nights and taking a day off here and there).


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