FREE FICO Score Being Offered Today (The One That Matters)

by Darwin on September 15, 2010

There’s a new offering from MyFico to give you your official Free FICO Credit Score (the one that matters and that virtually all lenders rely on).  Now’s a great time to take advantage of this offer and find out where you stand.

It’s simple, just sign up, get your score, and cancel! Cancellation is easy, via email, as simple as it gets.

Why is FICO Score Important?

Your FICO Score is incredibly important because it basically sets the tone for your financial profile in all walks of life for years.  Because of having a FICO score hovering around 800 for years now, I’ve always been able to get the best mortgage rate for purchases and refis, I got the best new car loan rate when I bought my last car (I actually had the cash but took the loan at 0.9% and invested the same amount in a 4.5% CD and kept the difference!) and employers also check your credit score before hiring you.

Some institutions have their own credit scores but FICO is the “universal” one that virtually everyone uses as a constant.  Many companies won’t use each others’ in assessing creditworthiness.

Take the couple minutes to Get your FICO® Score Free and find out if you need to start making some changes to improve your score or whether you’re already in good shape!

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