FREE Trades in a Self-Directed IRA. Perfect Timing for Year-End

by Darwin on November 1, 2010

In case you weren’t aware, instead of opening up an IRA (Roth or Traditional) with a mutual fund company, you can easily establish a self-directed IRA with an online brokerage and enjoy the flexibility of making individual ETF and stock investments.  ETFs are cheaper than funds and stocks allow for the flexibility and potential of owning the next Apple or a high yield stock you like. Speaking of high yield investments, I actually like to use my taxable account for growth stocks and my self-directed IRA for a dividend portfolio/income investments since they’re tax protected.  While I can hang on to a growth stock for years and pay no taxes until sold, dividends are taxed each year.  By letting them accrue in a self-directed IRA (subject to IRA contribution limits of course), you can grow and reinvest those dividends tax-free for years.

OptionsHouse FREE Trades IRA Promotion

You can easily sign up for a free self-directed IRA from OptionsHouse and get 100 FREE Trades.  If you’re the type to set it and forget it, you can basically set up your whole portfolio for free now.  You can also get $125 in Transfer fees waived.  You just need $3000 to open the account, which is a great amount to start (or finish) your 2010 IRA contribution limits.  You can access the deal for these 100 FREE Trades Here.

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