Weekend Reading: Return of the Russian Cold War Spy Game Edition

by Darwin on July 9, 2010

This week’s big news (aside from some basketball player I couldn’t care less about) was the shocking swap of spies between the US and Russia after revelations that the US had apprehended 10 spies that had been under surveillance for over a decade.  Just when you thought the Cold War was over, this is just a reminder that it’s still on.  And before you get too angry at Russia, realize that the US is conducting operations both with human assets and information surveillance in the internet age all over the globe as well.  In the end, we traded their 10 spies for 4 alleged spies in Russia’s custody, some there for many years.  It’s unclear what benefit any of the captured spies were able to convey to either country at this point, so the swap itself is probably inconsequential.  Cold War drama aside, there were some great reads in the blogosphere (with some Yakezie in there!) during the past couple weeks and here are some favorites as well as my top recent posts by traffic and reader comments:

Random Parenting Stuff:

As a parent, I loved this article by QuickSprout: Don’t Screw Up Your Kids’ Future

Simple Dollar: Some Thoughts on DINKs

Personal Finance/Economy:

Monevator shares some insights into the Wealth Preservation Strategies of the Rich

Political Calculations shares a very interesting perspective: Texas vs California: Which State Do CEOs Think Is Better for Business?

The Mish, the eternal debt-hater (macro) always gets a plug here.  Check out this Gem: Shared Sacrifice Illinois Style – 40,000 Union Workers Get 14% Pay Raises, Governor Quinn Gives Raises Averaging 11.4% to 35 Staff Members

Investor Junkie asks How Wealthy Are You?

Wealth Pilgrim shares How to Survive Bankruptcy and Foreclosure

Financial Samurai shares Three Keys To Motivation And It Has Little To Do With Money

Tax Vox: Why Taxes are Going Up


The Dividend Guy Blog shares Why Asset Allocation is Important

Roubini says Greece Must Default.   I tend to agree.

Five Cent Nickel: The Effect of Baby Boomer Retirements on the Stock Market

My Stuff:

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Financial Samurai July 10, 2010 at 8:49 am

Thanks for doing the wrap! I disagree with Roubini. Greek needs to get bailed out by all its fellow EU members, and the world moves on!


Darwin July 10, 2010 at 9:38 am

Well, Greece has already been bailed out by the EU/IMF. It won’t be enough and the austerity measures they are proposing (if ever enacted) will hobble the economy. The people are protesting in the streets, essentially saying “We’re NOT paying this money back. Screw You!”. It’s a no win. They’ll need to throw in the towel and restructure. Good ole’ public sector unions and govt waste have destroyed this one, more to go (Spain, Italy, Portugal, someday, the US)


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