Weekend Reading – The Luck o’ the Irish Edition

by Darwin on November 18, 2010

It was a tumultuous week in both equities markets and credit markets.  In the EU, several troubled countries saw their bond spreads over German bunds spike to record levels, especially Ireland.  Earlier in the week, Ireland was steadfast in their denials that they would entertain an EU/IMF-financed bailout but by Friday, it appeared as though some sort of deal was imminent.  Their initial reluctance was the notion that it would be politically unpopular within Ireland to accept a bailout that would impose restrictions such as increasing their famously low corporate tax rate, and imposing Austerity Measures.  However, when interest rates spreads reach an untenable level, the market has a way of forcing the hand, and now it appears as though bondholder debt will be transferred to EU taxpayers (and US to some degree since we contribute to IMF funding to the tune of about 20%).

Enough of that market stuff though, how about what’s hot in the blogosphere the past week?  Here are some of my favorite reads and sharing some love with the Yakezie, my Freelance outlets, and Carnivals that featured my content:

Best Reads from Bloggers I Admire:

The Mish – Bear Flattener in Treasuries Continues; Mortgage Rates Climb

Gonzalo Lira – Is Europe Coming Apart Faster Than Anticipated?

Nouriel Roubini – Irish Woes Should Speed Europe’s Default Plan

Political Calculations – The Skyrocketing Compensation of Federal Employees

Five Cent Nickel – What is Price Targeting and How Does it Affect You?

Fiscal Fizzle – How Much is Drinking Costing You?

Oblivious Investor – International Bond ETFs and Funds: Should You Own Them?

Yakezie Network (10 of those that I admire too – Bonus!)

Consumerism Commentary – New Jersey Ranks Fourth for Innovative Companies

Financial Samuari – Fixing the Airline Industry

Wealth Pilgrim – Laid Off How People Survive

Len Penzo – Come On, People. Quit Maligning the Plastic Grocery Bag!

Canadian Finance Blog – 5 Non-Essential Expenses that are Bleeding your Budget

Frugal Zeitgeist – Homemade condiment recipes

Sweating the Big Stuff – Memories that Will Keep Me from Moving Again

My Journey to Millions – Why Do Short Sales or Strategic Defaults Even Happen

20s Money – Is The Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction Going Away

Dividend Monk – Use It Or Lose It

Stuff I wrote for Wisebread:

7 Shopping Jedi Mind Tricks and How to Spot Them

Would You Buy Off the Back of a Truck?

3 Invisible Savings Tips That Work

Stuff I wrote for American Express Currency:

The ‘New Normal’ in Your Workplace and Mine


Darwin’s Finance:

Here are Darwin’s Money:

Carnivals that Featured my Content:

Carnival of Personal Finance

Yakezie Carnival

Carnival of Money Stories

Carnival of Personal Finance

Carnival of Wealth

…I just realized I wrote a hell of a lot of stuff in the past 2 weeks. Can I go to bed now?

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Financial Samurai November 21, 2010 at 7:43 am

Wow, you do write a lot! Where do you find all the time?!


Darwin November 21, 2010 at 10:20 pm

Yeah looks crazy, it’s 14 across 2 weeks, so 1 article a day. It’s doable; batch processing makes it manageable. I bang out a few on the weekend, 1-2 a night and take a couple nights off per week.


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