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I’m SAVING 7% at LOWES & 12% at STARBUCKS for Life – So Can You!

March 9, 2011

I’m a huge fan of financial innovations and market forces creating efficiencies that didn’t exist previously.  With the advent of the internet and some obvious ideas, I’m now saving anywhere from 5%-15% on various major spending categories in our family through simply buying discounted gift cards at CardPool.  Basically, since so many people are given […]

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How To Find the Best Airfare – We’re Going to Disney World!

February 23, 2011

We’re going to Disney!  So, my wife’s on a mission to find the best airfare for our family of 5 to go in a few months.  I had told her I don’t have time to go through and comparison shop and since she’s home and our youngest still naps, etc., so she can spend a […]

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Are You Ready to Save 25% On Your iPhone Plan? Pit Verizon vs. AT&T

January 12, 2011

With the worst kept secret in history finally coming to fruition in Verizon’s announcement that they will be a carrier for the iPhone, existing AT&T subscribers should start gearing up for their negotiation tactics – and get ready for some savings!  As a benefactor of the Verizon FIOS vs. Comcast battle in my neighborhood, (I’m […]

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What Happens When There’s a Price Cut Right After You Bought Clothes? Moronic Insanity Ensues

December 13, 2010

I couldn’t help but share this tale of epic stupidity I encountered today trying to save a few bucks on some sweaters I bought my wife for Christmas a few weeks ago.  The basic premise is that when I bought the sweaters, they were 30% off, but today, the store had a 40% off deal […]

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Energy Companies PAYING YOU To Conserve Energy? Here’s How

September 8, 2010

Out of the blue, a buddy of mine forwarded me a link I wasn’t even aware of from our local energy company, PECO.  I was elated to see that there are several different rebate programs (here) that don’t require massive new HVAC units and solar upgrades, etc. like the widely publicized tax rebate programs.  No, […]

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How I Saved 63% ($1750) on a New Stainless Steel Fridge

July 3, 2010

Today I was able to snag a $2800 refrigerator for $1050 at Lowe’s due to a combination of good timing, good haggling and savvy use of technology.  I basically went to buy a new umbrella cover and light bulbs and they had several appliances out front with a 50% off sign.  I was immediately drawn […]

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