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How Much Would You Sell a Kidney For? Seriously, Name your Price

January 27, 2013

I read the occasional story about someone selling a kidney for what amounts to a few hundred dollars or less in emerging markets and it begs the question as to what a fair price is for a kidney for an individual.  Circumstances vary, but people donate kidneys to loved ones and even strangers all the […]

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7 Things Your Pool Contractor Won’t Tell You

May 22, 2011

  I know, I’m set to be banished to eternal personal finance damnation for admitting this (after surviving that “rapture”), but we’re putting in a swimming pool!  While I’m fully aware that pools don’t make for a good “investment”, this is a lifestyle choice we made after careful consideration.  When we had saved for years […]

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Day-Trading is a Total Scam. Don’t Fall For the Pitch

April 20, 2011

I constantly hear radio spots for getting rich day-trading.  The claims on the commercials are so outrageous, I can’t even believe the FTC allows it.  If you listen to satellite radio at all, you’ll know exactly which ads I’m referring to; they play a repeating cycle virtually every commercial break.  They often start off with […]

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