Darwin’s Money is about Financial Evolution:

Educate … Adapt … Achieve!

The author has a background in Engineering and an MBA. Enamored by investing and saving since a teen, the author has been an advocate for optimized investment returns and frugal hacks for everyday consumers.  I started blogging during an MBA course when my professor essentially laughed at my thesis of making money blogging about personal finance and investing.  Within weeks, I proved her wrong and years later I have a full-fledged blog network.

For Investors:

As is evident from recent global market tumult, commodity, currency and credit events, the traditional buy and hold approach is no longer a guaranteed means to achieve financial success. Investors need to adapt to an ever-changing environment by staying on top of new investment instruments, market conditions, political influence, tax implications and more.  From an investment standpoint, this blog is primarily focused on alternative investment strategies that aren’t widely covered in the mainstream press such as hedging strategies, non-market correlated instruments, high-yield investments, international/developing markets, biotechs, and the use of stock options to generate income and hedge other holdings.

Personal Finance and Savings:

Personal Finance topics span the realm of saving money on everyday purchases and utilities to differences between various retirement plans and setting financial goals.

You’ll find a diverse mix of useful information and personal experience relayed here in a format that most people can relate to for easy implementation.

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My Blogging History (an “evolution”):

  • Current – My primary money blog is here, at Darwin’s Money (RSS FEED)
  • Current – Make sure to also check out my blog dedicated solely to ETFs at the ETFBase.  I cover new ETF launches, reviews of market-beating ETFs, trends and trading strategies. (RSS FEED for ETFBase)
  • Dead – My first foray into blogging was via “Everyday Finance” on the free Blogger platform which Google ultimately squashed so it is no longer active.