6 Scientifically Proven Ways to Increase Your Tips as a Server

June 10, 2013

I have to admit, while I’ve had a lot of jobs, I’ve never been a server.  I don’t have the best personality for it (or tolerance).  However, I was fascinated by some actual heavily researched facts and statistics on tipping in America.  I’ve seen a study here and there but most recently, I listened to […]

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Personal Capital Review – All Your Financials in One Spot

January 13, 2013

Personal Capital is a one-stop shop for aggregating all your financial information in one spot in an automated fashion.  The beauty of the system is that once you connect all your financial institutions from banks to IRA, 401(k) accounts and more, your Personal Capital dashboard will aggregate everything in various views and can be customized […]

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Robots and Automation Are Taking American Jobs – Think Your Job is Safe?

December 16, 2012

You’d think the same headline would be the prominent theme of every year since the 1800s. After all, we’ve seen a decline in the need from everything from lamplighters once electricity was invented to farm workers once farming equipment, tractors and trucks came along. However, for various reasons throughout 2012, there’s been a steady debate […]

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How I Got My Kids Excited About Saving and Investing

December 9, 2012

I credit a great deal of my financial and career success in life to the way I was brought up and the lessons I learned early in life.  When I look around at adults my age that make very poor financial decisions and have their finances in tatters, I also see a pattern where their […]

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Does This Piss You Off? We Pay Unemployment for Seasonal Workers Repeating the Same Pattern EVERY Year

October 7, 2012

I’ve had it.  This weekend was another case of my hearing  about someone openly bragging about how they work for a season and then collect unemployment during the off-season, you know, because they were “laid off”.  This really just pisses me off.  I mean, not the people so much, because this is the scam our […]

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Guy Question: Do You Splurge If You Win Big at the Casino?

October 2, 2012

I love when I have a real life situation that’s totally a blog post.  I immediately email it to myself to remember for future reference, especially when there’s drinking involved and I’m not prone to remember too well.  So, this weekend, I was in Atlantic City with a relative and he hit it big on […]

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