FICA Limit in 2013 – What’s Changing and Why

December 21, 2012

The FICA Tax that most Americans pay either through our routine W-2 paychecks or through self-employment taxes is set to change in 2013 in a few ways, so I thought I’d get you thinking about what’s coming and how it may impact your personal finances next year.  But first, a few basics: What is the […]

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Reminder: Wash Sale Rules Don’t Apply to Capital Gains

November 18, 2012

Finance and taxation are inherently intertwined. Investors look for the best returns after-tax, which is why wealthy Americans invest disproportionately more in real estate and municipal bonds (which are rallying since Obama’s win), which provide valuable deductions and tax free federal income taxes respectively. The IRS has rules to prevent investors from taking tax losses […]

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Interesting Trends in Dividend Stocks, Munis 1 Week After Obama’s Win [CHART]

November 15, 2012

I haven’t done much with my portfolio over the past several months because I anticipated that regardless of who won the election, the fiscal cliff and its associated hikes in dividend tax rates would be resolved in short order and the market shouldn’t react too much one way or the other leading up to it. […]

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My Roth IRA: Beating the Market and a Look Under the Hood

August 8, 2012

I don’t do individual stock reviews and such these days since I’ve taken more of a passive/low-fee approach over the years compared to active stock-picking (hence my other site ETF Base which is focused solely on ETF investing and strategies). Anyway, what I set out to do years ago was to pick a basket of […]

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Tax Savings from Trusts

July 3, 2012

In a previous article I went over the very basic overview of what a trust is, and why trusts are used in estate planning. Now let’s focus on something else: tax savings from a trust. Saving on Taxes with Trusts US citizens have an estate tax exemption just for living and breathing. This estate tax […]

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How Much Would it Take For You to Renounce Your Citizenship?

May 16, 2012

There’s nothing like being an American, right?  I mean, we’re only 5% of the population and enjoy 25% of the world’s GDP (while consuming 25% of the world’s energy of course).  That aside, in general, you don’t see people from around the world flocking to any country but America.  We have a vibrant job market […]

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