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UPromise Check – $75 Ka-Ching!

August 1, 2012

I set up a UPromise account a few years ago and completely forgot about it.  You know how they say you never get something for nothing?  Well, that’s untrue.  UPromise partners with major retailers to give you a portion of your spending back, with the premise being that your loyalty toward those retailers is worth […]

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3% Cash-Back Card = $500/Year Tax Free!

June 15, 2011

I’d been thinking about our cash-back rewards from the one credit card we do most of our spending on and decided it’s time to focus on the categories we spend the most on and optimize our cards and usage to get even more cash back each year.  For years, we’ve always enjoyed tax-free cash-back rewards […]

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$150 Bonus – New Chase Visa Freedom Card (Crazy!)

April 8, 2011

Previously, there had been a mildly attractive $150 Signup Bonus deal, but that one’s no longer being offered.  The GOOD NEWS is that there are even more lucrative card offers available now – check these out! $200 Bonus on Chase Freedom, 5% Rewards $250 Bonus on Chase Sapphire 6% Cash Back Card – That’s $1000 […]

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$100 Bonus on Cash Back Chase Freedom Visa

November 24, 2010

While I’m no fan of credit card DEBT, I am a huge fan of tax free dollars each month I get from cash back credit cards.  My wife and I have never paid a dime in interest yet we collect several hundred dollars a year for simply charging and paying off our cards each month […]

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FREE Trades in a Self-Directed IRA. Perfect Timing for Year-End

November 1, 2010

In case you weren’t aware, instead of opening up an IRA (Roth or Traditional) with a mutual fund company, you can easily establish a self-directed IRA with an online brokerage and enjoy the flexibility of making individual ETF and stock investments.  ETFs are cheaper than funds and stocks allow for the flexibility and potential of […]

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FREE FICO Score Being Offered Today (The One That Matters)

September 15, 2010

There’s a new offering from MyFico to give you your official Free FICO Credit Score (the one that matters and that virtually all lenders rely on).  Now’s a great time to take advantage of this offer and find out where you stand. It’s simple, just sign up, get your score, and cancel! Cancellation is easy, […]

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