Steal This Business Idea. Make Millions. Thank Me Later

March 17, 2013

Someone may have thought this one up already but I’ve seen nothing about it in the press.  I was inspired by similarly themed pricing models for first, skiing lift tickets (posted about Liftopia and how to never pay full price for lift tickets again), and then today, on this new movie theater discounted ticket startup […]

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Could You Outsource Your Own Job to Watch Cat Videos All Day Like This Guy?

January 16, 2013

In one of the funnier stories I’ve come across lately, there’s a 6-figure developer who decided to outsource his entire job to China, still show up at the office each day to watch cat videos and do social media, email his boss an update at the end of each day, and then go home and […]

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How to Maintain the Ultimate Corporate Secret

September 25, 2012

I’ve always been impressed that Apple is able to keep their product specs (and new product launches) under wraps until the day of their choosing. That’s pretty impressive given the multitude of employees, consultants, contract manufacturers, third party carriers, ad agencies and all the other people that are aware of something big months, sometimes even […]

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Supreme Court: No Overtime for Pharma Sales Reps. WHAAAAAAH.

June 27, 2012

Do you know the annoying, pushy people that try to jump ahead of you in the doctor’s office when you’re there for a real reason? like a health issue? Yeah, those people. In between buying lunch for the doctors and schmoozing the receptionists, apparently, a few sales reps found time to conjure up a lawsuit that they […]

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Biggest Lie of 2012: “High Tech Worker Shortage” is a Myth

May 30, 2012

I usually voice my support for business issues and call BS on pandering politicians shaking down businesses for more tax money, regulations and general class warfare.  However, I’ve also got to call BS when I see it when the mainstream media keeps purporting that businesses just can’t get enough high skilled workers to run their […]

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How Deadbeats Screw the Paying Timeshare Owners

May 7, 2012

TIMBER!!! The timeshare market has really had a falling out – the resale value on a typical timeshare is falling faster than the value of a new car. Thousands of timeshares are for sale at $1 or less! This isn’t Detroit, either; we’re talking about timeshares in some of the most popular tourist destinations in […]

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