May Blog Performance, Income, New Business Update

June 1, 2011

May was a pretty good month for blogging from a traffic and income standpoint.  At Darwin’s Money specifically, I was able to break 20,000 page views for the month, which is a nice bump from where I was at a few months ago, but it hasn’t been growing since I first broke 20,000 earlier this […]

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The Money vs. Time Continuum – It Changes As You Age. Did You Forget To Calibrate?

April 17, 2011

There’s a strange yet consistent life law that many of us forget about, myself included.  It’s worth contemplating once in a while and seeing if you need to recalibrate where you fall on the scale vs. where you SHOULD be. If you’re anything like me and the vast majority of all humans that have ever […]

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March Income, Stats, New Biz Venture – Off the Charts!

March 31, 2011

March was THE biggest month I’ve ever had in terms of income from online ventures – Yay!  Here, at Darwin’s Money, traffic was pretty good at around 19,000 page views.  I’m a bit off my peak from January, but I’ll take it.  At my other sites, traffic was pretty good as well.  I don’t report […]

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January Traffic, Earnings, Content – Crushed It!

February 1, 2011

January was the best month ever for Darwin’s Money (which is the goal every month!), with traffic more than doubling!  I have to credit much of the surge to google’s search algorithm updates, where some existing articles started to pick up traction.  I’ve also been routinely featured in various blog carnivals and roundups and freelancing […]

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Darwin’s 2011 Goals – Gonna Crush It!

January 4, 2011

I’m pretty pumped about 2011.  I had the best blogging year ever in 2010 (my accomplishments vs goals), my investments have performed spectacularly (my portfolio), I contributed a healthy amount to our kids’ 529 plans, I’m firing on all cylinders at work and our family’s having a blast.  But I also made some mistakes and […]

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Darwin’s 2010 Performance vs. Goals

December 29, 2010

Earlier in the year, I wrote about Setting Goals and Changing My Life with metrics, systems, motivation and execution.  Since 2010 is coming to a close, it’s time to go back and review how I did vs my goals in 2010.  I had spoken of a few primary categories affecting both my finances and my […]

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