Reason #97 Public Pensions Are Wrecking America

September 26, 2013

While many working-class Americans have now since retired on public-sector pensions rather comfortably, the reality is that many cities and municipalities are finally realizing they wrote checks they couldn’t cash and the bill is due.  Similar to the notion of Social Security, which was enacted when the average American life expectancy was only a few […]

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Fair Trade Coffee is a Farce – Americans Love a Good Story

September 7, 2013

One of the latest trends gripping apologist Americans is the “Fair Trade” movement whereby they basically agree to pay more money for a good or service (Fair Trade Coffee is one of the more popular categories) than what it’s actually worth.  In doing so, the story goes, these higher margins ensure better working conditions for […]

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Taking on a Crooked Attorney – Stories and Advice

August 18, 2013

Years ago when my father died, the “family attorney” had my mom sign a form to execute the will based on a percentage of the estate.  Since she trusted him and it was a day after his death, she signed without thinking that he might be ripping her off.  It was as simple an estate […]

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Auto Insurers “Discriminate” Based On Your Job and Salary. Fair or Foul?

July 28, 2013

There’s a “controversial” report out this week that’s got people up in arms about “discrimination” because several auto insurers were shown to use job status, education status and salary as a determinant in setting auto rates. Using a fake profile of a factory worker with a high school degree versus a plant supervisor with a […]

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How Inflation Screws the Poor the Most

July 7, 2013

With all this talk of inflation on the horizon while the US and Europe print money like it’s goin’ outta’ style, it’s instructive to evaluate what the impact of hyperinflation would be on you, the people you know, and the country at large.  Without expounding on historical interest rates, the correlation between gold and the […]

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Theft in the Family. What’s The Worst Thing Ever Stolen From You?

June 30, 2013

Just got word that an elderly relative of ours had a lot of jewelry stolen from her home.  This was not a run of the mill break-in, but rather, it is suspected that the live-in aides caring for her did it.  See, she never leaves the house and the evidence doesn’t point toward a break-in, […]

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