Guy Question: Do You Splurge If You Win Big at the Casino?

by Darwin on October 2, 2012


I love when I have a real life situation that’s totally a blog post.  I immediately email it to myself to remember for future reference, especially when there’s drinking involved and I’m not prone to remember too well.  So, this weekend, I was in Atlantic City with a relative and he hit it big on the penny slots.  Big for him, like he never really gambles and was playing the penny slots and hit $450 in one shot – wow!  He came over laughing with the receipt and beers in his hand and was like, “Lap dances on me tonight!” LOL…  (let’s not go there)… but anyway, it reminded me of prior times I’d been out with a group of friends and the different ways people handled a big night.  Sometimes, a big winner would be real generous and be buying rounds and food and whatnot for the crew; other times, it’s every man for himself.


If you’re out with your boys for a night at the casino and you win big, what is the protocol as far as sharing the love?  

Do you keep those winnings to yourself?  

Do you splurge and buy shots, drinks, dinner and more for the guys?  

Do you base it on how generous they’ve been in the past or just open the spigot if you win a bunch of dough?  

When I think back to my earlier days when my friends and I would hit the casinos now and then, I think for the most part, we’d always kind of act the same regardless of who won what.  We’d usually just pay for ourselves, with maybe 1 person paying for gas/tolls on the way home if somebody won big or whatever, but for the most part, nobody was sharing the wealth.  I think a few things contributed to that – for one, we were younger and money was more scarce.  Additionally, we went frequently enough that I suppose the thinking was that sometimes we’d win, sometimes we’d lose and net-net, we’re probably all in the boat from a winnings/losses standpoint, so why bother?

By the way, in the interest of full disclosure, I used to go to casinos in highschool (underage-not a great idea) because it was a big deal and my friends and I were into gambling for everything from baseball cards to betting on Nintendo games and ping pong.  We really liked to gamble.  It was fun socially and I ended up way ahead in the end, so it worked out for me.  This spilled over into college and for a few more years as my best friends and I would hit AC now and then for fun to keep in touch.

Fortunately, as you know from my writing and what I read, I am very much a student of statistics, probabilities and, well, reality.  I fully admit that with regard to casino gambling, it is a net loser, even if you think you’re a great gambler, can count cards, or think you’re real lucky (reminder, there is no such thing as luck in life, only random variability which is unpredictable).  So, I’m not an advocate of going to casinos with the intent to make money.  We were in AC for a wedding and the guys and gals went separate ways so that’s how we chose to spend our night.  These days, I consider a casino once in a couple years as an entertainment expense and nothing more.  By the way, I won $50 playing Blackjack which I can’t complain about.  In my younger years, especially after reading about counting cards in the amazing story Bringing Down the House I used to only leave after either winning or losing at least $400-$500.  In this case, I was fine bailing after being up or down just $50-$60.

So, back to the main premise.  Regardless of what you think about gambling, on the rare occasion that you’re out with the boys and hit it really big, do you act as though nothing’s changed and everyone buys for themselves or would you splurge on them a bit, especially if you won thousands while they lost for the night?

Would Love to Hear Your Crazy Casino Stories.

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