How Bad Is Your Health Insurance Increase for 2013?

by Darwin on November 1, 2012

The verdict is in for our plan – it’s a 9% increase year over year. Frankly, that’s a relief given the 47% increase we saw last year. It’s become somewhat comical how annual increases at 3-4 times the annual inflation rate continue unabated in categories like healthcare, commodities, college costs, textbooks and more. It’s just something I plan for now, and seeing as how next year I’ll only see my total annual healthcare premiums go up a few hundred bucks, that won’t break the bank. What does annoy me is how much extra I’m paying for Obamacare in hidden costs (yes, we’re “Middle Class” so we’re not seeing all the “fees” and “surcharges” at the top of the income scale either).

I like to poll readers annually and see what kind of inflationary increases they are seeing in their plans come enrollment time each year.


What Is your Healthcare Cost Increase for 2013?

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