Overweight Fitness Gurus, Broke Financial Advisors – Hypocrites or It Doesn’t Matter?

by Darwin on April 23, 2012

Does it matter if the professional you’re paying talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk?  Sometimes when I’m at my gym, I take a look at the clients taking private lessons with a fitness trainer who would probably be classified as obese based on commonly accepted criteria.  On one hand, I sometimes wonder if the client is like, “this is who they assigned me?” or on the other hand, maybe they’re a great trainer and all that really matters is the result, right?  For all I know, they might be the best fitness trainer in the entire gym.  So who am I to judge?  I’ve also met people in the financial services industry who are horrible with their own money, lawyers with legal troubles, there are plenty of divorced marriage counselors and the list goes on.  So, the question is, does it matter?

Do You Expect Your Professional to Just Talk the Talk or Also Walk the Walk?

Would it Influence Whether You’d Use Them Once You Found Out?

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