The Welfare States of America – Data That Even Blew My Mind

by Darwin on February 8, 2012

I’ve known we’ve been turning into a welfare state ever since I started digesting, well, anything other than the mainstream media outlets.  But the latest report out of the Heritage Foundation shows just how staggering the situation has become.  It’s not just the current state that is alarming – but where we’re headed.  They released a pretty extensive report which you can find here (2012 Index of Dependence on Government), but I’ve culled out just a few of the charts I found to be most insightful:

Half Of America Pays No Federal Income Taxes


Federal Income Tax Chart


This one always gets under the skin of liberals who claim, “well, they DO pay state/local taxes, payroll taxes, etc”.  Sure, but those are completely different programs funding, well, things they get back in some way – related to STATE and LOCAL spending.  So, state/local taxes are used for their local schools, roads, state welfare programs, etc. and payroll taxes go into the Social Security fund of which they will someday be a recipient (what’s left o it).  However, fully half the country doesn’t pay a dime in Federal Income taxes (of which all Americans derive benefit as well) yet they are the loudest proponents of increasing taxes on the rich.  How can one possibly complain about the tax rate of wealthy Americans when they don’t pay a dime themselves?  This is lunacy.


Read That Again


Almost 3/4 of our federal dollars go toward federal dependence programs.  That’s incredible.  We can cut foreign aid, military spending and other popular targets all we want, but if don’t ween Americans off the federal teet, we’re doomed.


Growing Number of Americans Dependent on Government


So, as we seek back and mock Greece, we’re becoming… Greece.  I like how they had to throw in there (not including government employees) since in a way, they are also dependent on your tax dollars.  Many of those jobs are necessary, many are not.  But check out the trend on non-employee dependence and think about how this bodes for your future tax dollars.

I hate to break it to ya, but raising taxes doesn’t solve this problem.  They’ll just piss away more.  If we raised every American’s tax rate by 10% last year (the ones that paid something), we’d still be running a deficit.  We need to spend less and we can’t.  Politicians have trained Americans so well to “get mine” that they are unelectable if they propose cutting any entitlement programs.  So, instead, we choose Greece.


Concerned Yet?


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