10 Of the Best Trading Books You Should Read

by Darwin on January 11, 2019

In all professions, the need for advancing knowledge and personal development is important. This is the reason why companies spend millions each year in training their staff. Similarly, if you are forex trader, the need to learn is crucial, because it will help you discover new trading strategies and help improve your expertise. This article will identify the best books you should consider.

The New Case for Gold | James Rickards

In 2016, best-selling author James Rickards wrote this relatively short book. In it, he talked about gold, its history, and why investors should consider investing in it. He also predicted that the price of gold would continue moving up. While his thesis has not worked out, the book will open your eyes at the key things that traders look at when investing in the metal. 

Why Wall Street Matters | William D. Cohan

In 2017, William Cohan published the book to argue about the importance of Wall Street. In the United States, Wall Street is not loved because it insists on cutting costs and promoting the profitability of the shareholders. It ignores Main Street. In the book, he argues that without Wall Street, companies like Google and Facebook would not be the giants they are today.

Welcome to my Trading Room | Alexander Elder

Alexander Elder is one of the best-known forex authors in the world. Welcome to my Trading Roomand Trading for a livingare among his best-known books. In this book, he writes about how he trades, how he sets up his charts, the mistakes he has gone through, and the rules that can help traders perform better.

Millionaire Traders | Kathy Lien

Kathy Lien is one of the best-known traders in the world. She runs a trading investment company known as BK Asset Management. She has published a number ofbooks, but the most unique is Millionaire Traders. In it, she interviews ordinary traders from around the world who share about their trading life, their mistakes, and how they trade. 

Day Trading and Swing Trading the Currencies Market | Kathy Lien

This is another good book by Kathy Lien. In it, she writes virtually everything you need to know about the forex market. For example, she talks about technical and fundamental analysis, risk management, and trading strategies among other things. It is an especially useful book for new traders.

The Euro | Joseph Stiglitz

Joseph is a renowned economist and one of the winners of the Nobel prize on economics. He is famous for his bearish perceptions about the euro. In this book, he talks about the founding of the euro and why he believes that it is doomed to fail. Regardless of your views about the euro, this is a book you should read if you want to understand more about the currency.

Stress Test | Timothy Geithner

The financial crisis of 2008/9 shook the world. As a trader, having a good understanding about the crisis, how it happened, and how policymakers reacted to it can help you a great deal. One of the best persons to write a book about the crisis was Timothy Geithner who was Obama’s treasury secretary. In this book, he gives and account of the crisis from a policymaker’s perspective. 

Hot Commodities | Jim Rogers

If you are interested in the commodities market, this should be the first book that you read. It is written by Jim Rogers, who is one of the most famous commodity traders in the world. In the book, he makes the case on the importance of commodities, and then analyzes a select number of commodities like crude oil, gold, and soybeans.

Black Edge | Sheelah Kolhatkar

Steven Cohen is one of the most famous hedge fund managers in the world. He was once famous for his excellent returns. In this book, Sheelah writes about the life of the money manager and the scandal that brought him down. Steve was accused of insider trading, leading to the closure of his hedge fund, a big fine, and imprisonment of a number of employees. 

Trend Following | Michael Covel

Trend following is a trading strategy that has been tried and tested for many years. Ideally, it is practiced by all traders in that their goal is to buy at the beginning of a trend and exit during the reversal. This book provides you with the tools and tips on how to use the strategy as a trader. 

There are other books that you can give a try, depending on your trading interests. For example, if you are into investing, you should consider Benjamin Graham’s Intelligent Investor. If you are into hedge funds, you should consider Lars Kroijer’sMoney Mavericksand if you are interested in CFD trading, you should consider CFDs Made Simpleby Jeff Cartridge and Ashley Jessen.

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