3 Easy Ways to Save Money on Groceries

by Darwin on September 21, 2022

Grocery shopping is one of the biggest expenses for many households across the nation. Shopping for food can be expensive, especially for large families with numerous mouths to feed. While meal prep subscriptions from companies like Lean Kitchen can be one way for the average consumer to save money on groceries, many people still find that they frequently need to visit the grocery store and are unhappy with the cost of doing so. If you’re becoming increasingly alarmed by the rising cost of your family’s monthly grocery bill, don’t panic. Here are a few simple yet effective tips for saving money on groceries.

Buy Generic

While this might sound like common sense to some shoppers, research shows that many households across the nation are still reluctant to buy the generic brand of some items, especially when it comes to groceries. Generic brands often contain identical ingredients to their brand-name counterparts and are available at only a fraction of the cost. Don’t waste your money paying for a label; switch to the generic brands for just one month, and you will likely not be able to tell a difference in the products but will marvel at the money you save.

Buy in Bulk

Buying non-perishable groceries such as canned food, rice, pasta, and other dry goods in bulk is one of the biggest money saving hacks when it comes to the grocery store, especially for larger families. A membership to your local warehouse stores like Sam’s Club or Costco averages about $40 a year and will pay for itself in just one visit to the store. While buying certain items in bulk might seem counterproductive as it is more expensive at the time of purchase, buying groceries in bulk can save hundreds to thousands of dollars per year.

Join Loyalty Programs

Joining the loyalty programs at your favorite grocery stores gives you access to exclusive coupons and sales, and can allow you to earn rewards for each dollar you spend in store which lead to bigger savings. Some grocery stores partner with other services or brands you already pay for memberships to and offer exclusive discounts to members; one example of this is Whole Foods partnering with Amazon Prime to offer lower prices on many items for shoppers who are Prime members. Inquire about the rewards program at your favorite store today and you will be saving money in no time.

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