3 Functional Categorizing Multifunction Printers

by Darwin on May 20, 2014

Multifunction printers are quite popular these days owing to the fact that they offer a lot of benefits to any institution. Indeed, an mfp that can perform more than just printing can solve a lot of problems within your home or office and it can improve efficiency drastically leading to an increase in productivity. You can face a lot of advantages when you are using a multifunction printer from leading brands like Fuji Xerox, which have a perfect marriage of performance and value for money.  Here are the categories of printers that are available to you depending on your needs:

SOHO/ Small Office, Home Office Multifunction Printers: Where prices are concerned, these models are a bit steeper but they have a wide array of functions which are perfect for independent contractors. These are especially perfect when you have a small office or a home office hence the name of the device. They still lack the full pledge capability of multifunction printers but they are definitely worth your while if your needs fall under this printer category’s array of functions. Needless to say, these devices have utilities that include duplexing, faster output as well as digital authentication making it a useful machine for any contractor.

Office Multifunction Printers: Among the ranks of multifunction printers, this category is the most popular and it is quite usual to see these machines scattered in the workplace. Basically, you can do around 4 things with this machine: fax, copy, print and scan. The functionality as well as the usability of this device remains to be unparalleled especially when you have customized software that goes with it. With a software solution, you can tweak various functions including access to printing, document authentication, storage and retrieval as well as security. There are also additional functions for these machines, some can duplex, holepunch and even staple and create bound corporate reports. Indeed, in some circumstances, this can be a whole new printing shop. As long as you find the right machine for your business, you can have everything you need in just one machine.

All in One Multifunction Printers: If space saving is what you have in mind then you can never go wrong with these machines which are among the most durable in the ranks of multifunction printers. These machines are perfect for small businesses as well as entrepreneurs and startups. One of the most observable characteristics of these machines is that it places a huge emphasis on the printing as well as the scanning and photo organizing capabilities of a machine. There are also machines under this category which are capable of fax and copy functions although these features are quite rare for low end models. Among all these devices, all in one printers is also one of the cheapest making them convenient for businesses that are operating at a smaller scale. These machines can also be connected via wifi and they can have ports for digital cameras and other portable devices.

Despite all of the benefits that you can reap from using a multifunction printer, you should also be well aware that there are also cons in using one device to perform a wide array of functions. For one, you might be limited to only performing one task at once or experience a lower quality that what you would be getting had you availed of a separate device. When you need to photocopy and at the same time print a document, it can be impossible to do so. Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that a printer which can perform lots of functions is a space and cost saver and if combining the usage of its functions is not a must, you can always do things one at a time.


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The Wallet Doctor May 21, 2014 at 1:51 pm

I’ve always found great utility in multi-function printers. There are just so many things you can do. For my purposes, I don’t need the absolute best quality, so the space and financial savings matter more to me. I can’t say I’ve used my fax feature on my model in quite some time though.


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