3 Ways Unified Communication Can Save Your Business

by Darwin on November 1, 2015

If you don’t have unified communications in your business, you are falling behind in ways you may not even be aware of.  Road on to learn three ways unified communications can save you from missing out and becoming obsolete.

1. Unified Communication Saves You By Giving You Speed

When you have information to share, you need to share it quickly in order to boost productivity and seamless collaboration.  As we all know, technology moves and evolves quickly and so do business demands for efficiency.  If you have a unified communication platform, you will not have to waste time struggling with programs and apps that will not translate to or communicate with each other.  With unified commination, all your commutation needs are linked and organized in a user-friendly way.  There are a multitude of ways that unified communication can save you time, not to mention frustration.  For example, The University of Wisconsin River Falls’ Division of Technology Services tells us that they use unified communications to allow desktop sharing.  Have you ever tried to give someone directions on how to access a computer feature, find a particular hard-to-get-to link on a site, or use a new program, all over the phone?  By sharing your desktop with them you can show them visually (while still providing audio guidance) a variety of hard to explain steps and procedures.  Or, maybe you are on the receiving end of some tech support, and you need to share your desktop in order to fully convey what your computer is doing that is so very strange or frustrating!  Or, maybe you are working on a presentation and want to brainstorm with a peer on a great layout idea for the last slide you are putting together.  All of these ways of just sharing a desktop are excellent examples of how unified communication can save you time and give you speed.  Also, when it is important for your team to actually work as a team; when it behooves them do so, you are going to be saving time.  There are going to be times when people need to work alone, but when it is time to collaborate, the collaboration methods and framework should be easy and well unified.  When employees aren’t all trying to communicate through different mediums and apps; when their presence is nearly guaranteed through the unified communication ease of finding and contacting them, you will be saving time.

  1. Unified Communication Saves You From Missing the Details

As the Site Unified Communications Strategies tells us, unified communication helps us by “eliminating communication-related “hot spots” – those places where the operational activities are blocked.”  We have all experienced those hot spots- information not getting through, a  person not being included in a  telephone tree, an attachment disappearing from an email, a chat being lost or even an entire department being left out of the planning loop for a relevant project, all because communication failed.  These kinds of problems and hot=spots are frustrating to say the least, and they can be frightening in terms of lost data and time, and also team confidence.  What you likely need is a higher level of accuracy and a greater level of virtual and easily accessible employee presence in the communication realm of your enterprise.  Unified communication streamlines your sharing and telepresence processes and reduces a lot of redundancy, confusion, and potentially the loss of time and data.  When communication is streamlined, your data and work become more secure and accessible.

  1. Unified Communication Saves you From Losing Touch with Your Team

By combing VoIP, voicemail, email, data, instant messaging, and even e-commerce, no one will be left out with unified communication platforms.  The site About Tech explains that with single number reach, unified communications platforms provide one contact number per user, so that if you need to get in touch with someone, you won’t have to be fumbling through their various phone numbers, avatars, emails addresses, etc.  Another excellent way of connecting with and keeping on top of your team through unified communication is by using one particularly helpful aspect; online meeting software.  Your unified communication platform and plan should include video conferencing software, preferably cloud based, in order to provide you with the best online meeting.  BlueJeans is an organization whose products let you use recorded as well as live videos while you are meeting, all through cloud based software, which gives you an extreme level of location freedom and convenience.

When your team doesn’t have to struggle to communicate, no one will feel left out or de-valued.  Your work productivity will increase and your team will feel more successful.  These are just a few of the ways committing to the growing trend of unified communications will save your business in terms of speed, accuracy, and successful personal connections.


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