5 Reasons To Use A Trusted Resource For Payment Processing

by Darwin on September 17, 2019

A payment processor helps merchants receive online credit and debit card payments. The processor handles many functions such as evaluating transactions, detecting fraud, among other things.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to use a trusted resource for payment processing:

1.    You Are Guaranteed Of Secured Transactions

Every transaction made on an online platform should be secured to safeguard both the merchant and the customer making a purchase. A trusted payment processing resource secured with an SSL protocol ensures that all the information involved during the transaction is encrypted. This keeps all the sensitive data protected from hackers.

Keep in mind that your company’s reputation banks highly on the kind of security standards you have set in place. A trusted payment processor should be able to secure all the sensitive transaction data.

2.    Availability Of Reporting Features

Depending on the kind of business that you run, you may need to have a payment processor with excellent reporting features. You may, for instance, want to review all the transaction activity or have a look at the chargebacks that you’ve received.

You may also want an in-depth analysis of all the fees you’ve incurred when using the processor as well as to review your commissions if you are a reseller. A trusted payment processing resource will be able to provide you with all these reporting features.

3.    High Speeds

Favorable speeds are an important aspect that guarantees complete transactions from customers. You want to maximize the user experience on your platform and ensure that each transaction is performed in the fastest time possible. A payment processor that is able to secure authorization of credit cards within a few seconds is what you want to opt for.

A trusted payment processor should also be fast enough to secure money for your account. Transactions typically take 2 to 3 days to complete. A secure payment processor that is fast can help you receive the payment earlier. 

4.    Usability And Compatibility

You along with your team will want to log in to your payment processor on a regular basis in order to review and keep track of chargebacks, transactions, fees, and other kinds of data. As you do this, you’ll want it to be easy. In other words, you’ll want to have a good user experience.

A secure payment processor will be able to offer a platform that’s easy to learn, navigate, and set your desired preferences that will make your workflow easier.

Integration is another factor to give high consideration to. A secure payment processor will be compatible with numerous technological systems to maximize the user experience. It will also be able to handle special requests such as linking the payment gateway you are using to a financial data management system or different invoicing software.

5.    Fraud Detection

A trusted payment processing source will have features that play a great role in detecting fraud and they can help keep transactions safe from hackers. They’ll be of great help in identifying any kind of suspicious activity and curb it before it interferes with the payment process. This will come in handy if you are handling large volumes of transactions and data.

ConclusionNow you know the importance of working with a trusted resource for payment processing. But which one do I use is the question you may be asking? Our recommendation for you is JJS Global payment services. Check them out today.

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