5 Ways to Save a Few Bucks While in College

by Darwin on April 4, 2022

College is an exciting time in a person’s life. It’s the time when people can figure out who they are, what they want to do, and they’re going to do it. However, it’s also very expensive, so if you can do a couple of things to save some green here and there during the process, it’s all the better. Here are five ways you can save some money during your time in college.

Go for the Used Textbooks

Who would’ve thought books could be so expensive? Textbooks can rack up a bill worth thousands of dollars each semester, especially if they’re brand new. A good way to combat this is by buying your books used. There are several local stores that offer required readings at discounted prices, used books at your university’s bookstore, as well as copies that former students are selling online.

Utilize Student Discounts

There are loads of student discounts available to students. Certain local restaurants offer discounts on food, movie theaters offer cheaper tickets, and even local venues can have special price cuts. Not to mention certain subscription services, such as Spotify, give students great deals on their services. Just be sure to carry your student ID on you at all times if you want to get in on these great deals.

Learn to Cook

Everybody loves food, especially college students. With your first real taste of independence and freedom, it can be tempting to eat out every chance you get. However, this can really have an impact on your wallet if you rely on take-out for every meal. Even eating on campus can be pricy! Instead, take this opportunity to learn how to cook for yourself. It doesn’t mean you can’t get fast food every now and then, but buying your own food and preparing it from scratch will not only save you money but also teach you a new skill and prove healthier for your body.

Research Housing Options

Where you live will determine where a majority of your funds are going. Whether you’re staying on campus or renting an apartment, you can bet you’ll be dipping into your bank account to do so. Looking around early on can help you find the best possible price for a place to stay, as well as a home that you actually enjoy and compliments your drive to campus or work. Getting a roommate or two can reduce the overall cost even more.

Get a Part-Time Job

Nothing is free, so you may want to get a part-time job if you’re hoping to save some money. Even working just a dozen or so hours a week can provide you with enough funds to pay for gas, food, and any other essentials you might need.

Finding a Balance

These are all useful tips for saving money while in college, and living frugally can instill good saving habits in yourself. That being said, you shouldn’t skimp out on certain expenses simply to save a few bucks. If you absolutely need a new car because your current one is sputtering to a stop each time you park, invest in a used car. If you have chronic toe and foot pain and find yourself asking,  “is hammer toe surgery worth it?” You should probably think about getting it checked out. If you have no food in your house, don’t shrug it off and live off instant roman for the next year. It’s all about finding a balance.

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