by Darwin on October 16, 2013

Given the major news event on Wednesday with the government “solving” yet another self-induced crisis and the subsequent relief rally, it’s more timely than ever to consider binary events and how to trade them.  That’s where today’s review of comes in. is a primary player in the binary options space which caters to traders from over 150 countries.  Assets that can be traded span the whole gamut ranging from commodities to currencies to the vaunted ability to Trade Bitcoins.  A scan of offerings include major international market indices like the Dow, Nasdaq, CAC40, FTSE 100 and more.  All major currency plays are available and and many international individual stocks are represented as well.

Placing a Trade - The steps involved in placing a trade are quite simple.  You choose an asset and expiration date, pick whether you want to go long or short (call or put), enter the amount of money you want to utilize, and then you either profit or not.  Very interestingly, if your option expires out of the money, you can get a 15% refund.  Most profits from favorable outcomes are in the range of approximately 50-80%.  Given the international nature of the firm, there is 24/7 online support for trades and setting up an account.

Speculation versus Buy and Hold – Many investors start off in the traditional buy and hold space but then venture into various speculative trading scenarios.  These could range from using margin, leverage, long/short trades, pairs trades and of course, binary options.  These types of non-traditional investing approaches aren’t for everyone, but if you have the time and wherewithal to research, trade and close positions according to your strategy in a dynamic market, using a service like could work for you.

Examples Where Binary Trading is Beneficial – I’d mentioned the major budge impasse in the US which was just resolved.  If you think about other major world events that can sway currencies, gold, bitcoins and more, here are a select few examples we’ve seen in recent history where it might have been beneficial to be holding binary options positions over routine long buy and hold of equities:  Standoffs in international matters (Iran, Syria, Russia, China, etc.), major natural disasters like some of the recent earthquakes and tsunamis we’re still reeling from, major elections, the various Greek debt talk and near-defaults of other EU member countries, award of Olympic Games to emerging markets, near-financial collapse and banking industry crises and the list goes on.  While many of these events play out and end up with a net wash to equities holdings, investors and speculators could benefit spectacularly from binary options trades during these events if they were on the right side of the trade.

Thanks for reading this review; I’d love to hear about any experiences you’ve had with binary options trading.

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