Can You Actually Save Money By Switching To Vaping?

by Darwin on March 27, 2019

Smoking has become expensive over the years, as punitive taxes on cigarettes continue to increase. Heavy smokers are increasingly finding themselves spending thousands of dollars a year on smokes, and for many, it’s not tenable. While quitting is an option, it’s not that easy due to the powerful effects of nicotine addiction. One option that is increasingly gaining favor among smokers is vaping. But, even as it gains popularity, can you actually save money by switching to vaping? The answer to this is yes! Here are a few reasons for making the assertion that vaping is cheaper.

For starters, vape doesn’t attract the punitive taxes that cigarettes attract. Vaping is still a relatively new phenomenon in many countries, which means that punitive taxes on them are unlikely to come any time soon. In essence, in the foreseeable future, vaping could be a cheaper option. On top of that, since vaping contains a lower amount of nicotine, a heavy smoker can use it as a step towards quitting smoking altogether. In essence, before governments choose to tax it more punitively, a smoker can use it as a stepping stone to quitting.  Therefore, technically you can save money by switching to vaping.

Secondly, vaping devices are quite innovative. For instance, vaporizer tanks are designed to hold a significant amount of vape juice, and they are durable. The best ones have temperature controls, adjustable airflows among other interesting features. This means that by vaping, you can get your e-juice at wholesale prices, and use your vaping device to regulate how much vape you consume. This ability to regulate how much you consume, and the fact that the devices are durable makes vaping very cost-effective.  It’s especially cheap when compared to smoking, where prices remain the same no matter how many smokes you buy. Besides, there is no way to regulate how many cigarettes you smoke. No matter how hard you try, chances are that, you would end up consuming more over time due to the addictive substances in cigarettes.

The cost of vaping is further reduced by the fact that, you can always repair your vape’s coils by yourself. This significantly cuts on the cost of buying new ones, and save you a significant amount of money every year. With cigarette smoking, there is no way to cut costs. You still have to buy the same cigarettes every day, and there is no reuse. This can set you back a significant amount especially if you are a chain smoker.

Lastly, one area where vapers spend lots of money is in the process of selecting e-juice flavors. However, it is easy to cut down on this cost. All one has to do is find one specific flavor and stick to it. By doing so, you eliminate the amount spent on e-juice significantly and brings down the overall cost of vaping. This makes vaping a pretty good alternative to smoking cigarettes. The cost savings can be pretty huge. Besides the money aspect of it, it is the lesser evil when it comes to health. Vaping saves you from exposure to the over 7000 chemicals found in cigarettes that may cause cancer.

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