Caravan Insurance: More Vital Now than Ever Before

by Darwin on October 30, 2013

As a caravan owner these days, you simply cannot afford to be without proper insurance coverage. The adverse weather conditions brought on by climate change – in this case unusually strong winds – have meant that more caravans are falling victim to mother nature’s power every year. In fact, around 5% of all caravan insurance claims come as a result of extreme winds due to our rapidly changing climate. As many as 20% of the remaining claims are due to rain, floods, snow and ice. In this context, ensuring that you get the best possible insurance coverage, at the right price, seems more vital now than ever before. Here are a few simple tips to help you get the right package and the right quote.

What to Look for and Expect

The two main types of caravan insurance are static and touring. Obviously, if your caravan in to remain in the same place, you’ll only require the former. However, as most people like to use their caravan as a mobile home, the chances are you will need to look into touring caravan insurance. Most touring caravan insurance policies will offer you new for old cover. That is, in the event of something happening to your caravan (for example, if it is stolen and not recovered), your insurance company will replace your old caravan with a new one, provided it is below a certain age. Touring caravan insurance should sufficiently cover you for any damages incurred through extreme weather conditions, meaning that you will not be out of pocket should climate change decide to deal you a bum hand.

What Isn’t Covered

You should be aware that there are some common instances in which your caravan and its contents might not be covered by your insurance policy. For example, if your caravan is being used as a permanent residence or for the running of a small business, you will not generally be covered. Likewise, mechanical or electrical breakdown, general wear and tear or any theft arising from a poorly secured caravan will also not be covered. So be sure to service your van regularly and ensure that it is properly protected from potential theft.

Shop Around

Naturally, this is merely a brief guide to give you an idea of what to expect from most insurance policies. So please ensure that you do your research and determine the best policy for your specific needs. Then when those strong winds begin to blow, you will at the very least have peace of mind against the elements.



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