Cloud computing for business

by Darwin on February 6, 2013



IT is among the biggest overheads for a large number of businesses. Spending large amounts of money on a computer, laptop or tablet for each employee; a printer, scanner and photocopier plus a file server can really add up, plus there’s the cost of an internet connection. Most of that is essential for a business to run effectively, but a file server can be expensive.

There are other ways in which you can store and share all your business’s important documents for much, much less, one of them being the use of cloud storage. Provided by sites like, the cloud is an online location where you can store your files and access them at any time of the day, something which many businesses will appreciate.

Egnyte in particular is renowned for being one of the safest options, especially when it comes to security. Companies need to consider what level of security they need when it comes storing their personal and financial information.

Servers are great, but they’re bulky, expensive and need a constant supply of electricity to run at all times of the day. Also, it’s difficult to access anything stored on a server from outside the office, which is where cloud storage comes into its element. Using it means you can access files from any device with an internet connection.

Another option is to use a colocation center, which is a facility that provides power, cooling, storage, and space for your server. As an additional bonus, some of these centers also provide physical security for the server, eliminating the chance of someone accessing your valuable information. Colocation centers that make use of cloud computing technology are particularly valuable, since they provide all of the benefits of a data center, while allowing you unlimited access to your information. There are plenty of resources online for you to learn more about colocation and make an informed final decision when it comes to your company’s data storage needs.

This versatility makes the cloud a very useful tool for any business irrespective of industry or size, but what else makes it a preferable alternative to using a server? In terms of saving money, it’s fantastic, as buying storage space on the cloud is far less expensive than buying and running a server.

It also saves money on maintenance, as the cloud is easy to use and requires no upkeep whatsoever. To run a server, a business many have to hire a full-time member of staff, which could cost thousands each year. Cloud computing is also great for sharing files, collaboration and even remote working, meaning you might be able to hire staff without having to make room for them in the office.



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