College and debt: Tips for students

by Darwin on November 17, 2017

Paying off your debt while you’re still in college will not be an easy task. So, one should try not to take a loan unnecessarily while pursuing a particular course in college. If you have taken a loan, there are some tips to pay them off as soon as possible without burdening yourself.


1. Make a list of debt in order of the interest rate to be paid respectively

If you have more than one loan in your name, you should make sure that you list them down in order to so be sure that you’re paying off a loan that demands the highest rate of interest first. This way, you’ll keep the interest amount on the lower side.


2. Check whether a particular loan is affecting your credit rating or not

If a particular loan is not affecting your credit rating directly, you should prioritize other loans that can have a considerable impact on the rating. Remember that credit repair is not an easy process and if you do not want to create further problems for yourself, start paying off loans that can have a considerable impact on your credit rating first.


3. Have an emergency fund

It is essential to have an emergency fund even if you’re in college because it will help you in getting out of trouble if things do not go as planned. When we talked about having an emergency fund, we focus specifically on the aspects that an emergency fund should be created apart from having insurance in your name.


4. Look at the minimum monthly payments

If you feel that a particular amount cannot be paid at present, you should ensure that the minimum monthly payment is made by hook or crook. With this, you can rest assured that your credit report will not get a negative remark because of non-payment of the entire loan amount at the right time. However, this will lead to an additional interest amount that is to be paid along with it.


5. Cut down on the extra requirements

Remember that you’ll get many opportunities to incorporate unnecessary expenses into your budget while you’re studying in college. However, make sure that you do not fall for them.

In classes that you do need the books, chances are someone you know already has the book from when they took it, ask if you can borrow it for a semester! If you do end up having to buy a book, don’t buy it from the bookstore, rather buy it online, you will easily save 50% of what you would have paid at the bookstore by utilizing Booktopia coupon codes!

Remember that these extra requirements will make your trip and your budget will be unsteady. So, you should keep yourself away from it and try not to create a mess for yourself.

Creating a budget for different requirements will also help you in being cautious and allowing your total budget to be maintained at all times.

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