Creative Ways to Improve Credit

by Darwin on January 11, 2017

A strong credit score and history is your key to moving ahead in your financial life. Not only does a solid financial reputation pave the way for affordable lending, it also works to your benefit when searching for a new career and obtaining new insurance. Creditors review your credit history from one of more of the three major credit bureaus often, so it is important to keep your credit report in the best possible shape.

There are countless articles about the dos and don’ts of credit improvement, but here you’ll find more creative ways to boost your financial footprint over time. If you would like additional assistance from a trusted credit repair company, visit

Get a Side Hustle

Improving your credit can be a lot less daunting when you have extra income, especially if your credit woes are due to overspending or being unable to keep up with minimum payments. But boosting your paycheck doesn’t have to begin and end with an awkward conversation with your boss. Instead, think outside the box to generate more income month to month.

If you’re a creative soul, think about writing a blog and sharing it with the world wide web, or make something in your spare time that you can sell through an online marketplace. Have a skill you learned on the job that you aren’t putting to use during the 9 to 5 grind? Seek out freelancing opportunities through online networks or contact a small business that may be willing to pay for your expertise. Any of these activities can eventually generate a few extra dollars that can help you reduce your debt or clear off delinquent accounts that drag your credit score down.

Strategize during Tax Time

If you typically receive a refund during tax season, plan to put that money to good use to improve your credit. You can pay off credit card balances, clear the remaining amount on a loan, or set some aside in savings to ensure you don’t have to reach for short-term solutions for your financial needs when they arise. Thinking ahead for larger sums of money is a smart way to make progress toward your credit repair goals.

Take Out More Credit

It may seem counterintuitive to take on more debt when your credit is in disarray, but adding different types of accounts to your credit report helps boost your overall credit profile. For instance, taking out a personal loan with a short repayment term – and paying what’s due every month without fail – shows future lenders a level of financial responsibility which is ultimately reflected in your credit score. Similarly, adding a low-limit credit card or a secured credit account and using it responsibly over time will help boost your credit score. Make sure to evaluate your ability to repay before taking on any new debt, and have a plan in place for managing all of your bills each month.

Connect with Your Creditors

Picking up the phone to contact a lender isn’t anyone’s ideal use of a few spare minutes, but doing so can work wonders for your credit. For current creditors with which you have a solid relationship of on-time payment, connect with them to request a credit line increase. Credit utilization, or the amount of credit you’re currently using divided by your total credit limit, contributes to your credit score calculation; increasing your available credit while keeping your balances down helps improve your score over time. If you have accounts in a delinquent status, contact your creditor to see if they are willing to negotiate the amount you owe down. As a pro tip, having some funds set aside to pay that day if possible, as creditors are more likely to work with you when you put forth a good faith effort toward paying.

Boosting credit score and history doesn’t have to be a drag on your everyday life. You can get a little creative with how you go about the process by implementing one of more of the strategies listed. Over time, working these tactics will pave the way for a higher credit score and better credit history that ultimately open the door to new opportunities in your financial life.

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