Cutting Your Energy Costs: Debunking the Many Misconceptions Behind Making the Switch

by Darwin on February 2, 2016

It is amazing to think that so many consumers have never changed their energy supplier even when they are aware that there is probably a better deal waiting for the somewhere else.


One of the quickest ways of cutting your energy costs according to research, is to switch your energy supplier, so what is holding you back from taking that action?


Too much hassle


One of the most common reasons given for not moving suppliers is that it is just not worth all of the hassle you will have to go through.


Many energy customers seem to be under the wrong impression as to what is involved when you decide to switch suppliers. There are a good number of people who seem to be under the impression that switching will mean having to get your meter changed and setting up a new connection.


It would be perfectly understandable if you were hesitant about switching if you had to invite engineers in to carry out an overhaul of your existing system but this is not what happens at all.


Your gas and electricity comes directly from the National Grid and your chosen energy supplier is the conduit to your home, so switching is just a few pieces of paper to sign and not an engineer in sight.


Left without power


There are plenty of us who can relate stories about an installation that was unexpectedly delayed and you were left without a phone or a satellite signal for a few days or weeks, so another myth about switching involves the belief that you could be left without power for a short period.


There is absolutely no point in the switching process where your electricity supply will be cut off, even for a few moments while the switch is made to a new supplier.


Your new supplier will liaise with your existing one to arrange the transfer of supply and you won’t even notice when the transfer is made, so you should not fear a scenario where you are left without power.


Landlord won’t let me change


If you are a tenant and the landlord has an existing energy supplier for the property when you move it, it is a common misconception to believe that you don’t have the authority to switch to an energy supplier of your choice.


Tenants are perfectly entitled to switch to a provider of their own choice if the landlord tries to persuade you otherwise.


If you are responsible for your own bills at the property, you can arrange a supply contract under Ofgem rules, which runs for the length of your tenancy and ends at the point you move out.


Make sure you talk to your landlord or letting agent beforehand to let them know your intentions but don’t think that you don’t have a choice of energy suppliers just because you are a tenant and not the property owner.


There a number of myths and misconceptions surrounding the switching process and the reality is often completely different, as it often really simple to switch and save some money.


Andrew Gray is a frugal guy. Dad of five between the ages of 3 and 16, he certainly has some practice in saving cash and cutting down costs where possible. Andrew also enjoys sharing his knowledge with others.

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