Darwin’s Portfolio – August Update

by Darwin on August 14, 2010

It’s been a while since I update on the long portion of my portfolio, so here’s how my stock holdings performed vs. the S&P500.  Since my last update on June 7, if you held an equal weighting of the stocks I have in my long portfolio segment, you’d have beaten the S&P500 handily for the month:

Darwin’s Portfolio: 4.1%
S&P500: 1.3%

Some Commentary on Holdings:

AAPL – Apple has had a stellar year and took a breather following antennagate.  After blowout earnings again, shares have settled back again below their all-time highs.  I’m hanging on for the long term.

AMZN – I’ve been holding Amazon for a while.  It’s well off its highs and hasn’t been performing great, but long term, I believe even with the iPad threatening Kindle and book sales, the business model is great and they’ll continue to thrive as people buy more online.

NFLX – Netflix has been on fire with a spate of new deals and the demise of Blockbuster imminent.  More and more, people are streaming their video from Netflix to mobile devices and the iPad especially.  Great potential.

PMF – This high yield muni ETF continues to pay a nice steady 6.6% yield (not factored into returns) with monthly payouts and has yet to reduce its payout amount.  While many municipalities are underperforming, there’s also the notion that the administration will not let states go bankrupt since bailouts with other people’s money seem to be the mantra.  So, no guarantees that these payouts will continue but given a nice capital appreciation move in the past month coupled with steady payouts, I’m holding.

BIDU – Baidu.com has continued to benefit from home field advantage and Google’s continued fumbles in China.  While they struck some sort of tentative deal with China to stay open for business, it’s toothless.  BIDU will continue to benefit by playing by the Communist party’s rules and delivering outsized gains to capitalists like me :>.  Up over 200% since entry.

GXG – This Colombia ETF has been my key Frontier Market ETF play that’s been working out quite nicely.  As Colombia cleans up its militant and drug cartel problems and continues to grow global trade, it’s really moving quickly into a legitimate formidable trade partner.

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Note that overall, my portfolio’s up around 20% on the year on other options trades like making 245% overnight on Apple Options, as well as my short leveraged ETF pairs positions which are making me a few hundred bucks every month regardless of market direction.

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