Darwin’s Weekly Reads: Should We Move Edition?

by Darwin on September 25, 2010

This has been a week wrought with second guessing, what-ifs, and what-might-bes mixed with enthusiasm and excitement.  See, we’ve been mulling over a move for a year or two now and finally got around to putting our home up for sale this summer.  Drivers included moving to a better school district and a nicer home.  Deterrents were the transaction costs and everything else we could do with the money, as well as the friends we’ve made (us and the children).  Our oldest is only in 1st grade so I’ve been pushing to get it done now before the kids are all in school and we become even more entrenched with friends, sports, activities, etc.  I’ve been surprisingly split on whether to move as has my wife.  Once we had a tangible offer on our home earlier this week, we flipped-flopped several times between moving and not moving.  It’s been agonizing and has consumed several hours of our time.  We’ve had a few places in mind as well as new construction all along, but there’s just something about moving in this economy and with everything we’ve done to the house here.  We have to either accept and sign paperwork this weekend or throw in the towel altogether.  The ultimate outcome will be posted later this week…

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Craig September 25, 2010 at 6:26 pm

Moving is a tough decision. For us, we were renting in a spot that really didn’t make us happy so the decision was easier.


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