Evolutionary Articles of the Week – Crazy Interest Rate Edition

by Darwin on October 7, 2010

This week has simultaneously seen record high gold prices and record low interest rates, which is good news for homeowners and prospective buyers alike.  Trouble is, the lending standards have tightened up so much and equity in homes has tanked so much that there aren’t that many people able to take advantage of the crazy low interest rates.  If you can, check out this mortgage rate table.  On the gold front, talk of Quantitative Easing #2 coupled with Japan’s massive unexpected announcement on easing is demonstrative a virtual race to the bottom in global currencies, which bodes well for the only true non-fiat currency – gold.  With gold getting all the headlines, I wrote an article this week about gold in an IRA (which might not be the best idea I might warn), and also about other ETFs beating gold.

Enough about this week though, here are some great, informative, funny, evolutionary articles from around the web this week:

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