Finding English Teaching Jobs in Chile

by Darwin on May 2, 2019

Chile is surrounded by Andes Mountains which lies to the East and the Pacific Ocean which lies to the west. The countries climate involves a desert in the north, the Atacama, rainy seasons and a temperature climate in the south. Economically, Chile is a stable country in South America contributing to an increase in the demand for English language teachers. Chile’s biggest English market comes from business English students whereby classes happen through private language schools. To successfully find English teaching jobs in Chile, you need to adhere to the following.

Work Visa

Make sure teaching English is your choice before you embark on a visa search. Most schools in Chile will help you to acquire a working visa for your teaching job. If a school doesn’t assist you in getting a working visa, then it may not be worth your energy. A permit will help you when it comes to residency, tourism, education, and work. Sometimes, teachers get the teaching opportunities in advance, so it’s recommended you find the job ahead of time. 

Choose your preferred city of work

 If you are relocating, English teaching jobs in Chile are mostly found in large cities like Santiago and Concepcion. The demand for English tutors in Chile’s smaller towns is lower due to their limited language schools, which might take you longer to find the job. However, if you need to work urgently, you can relocate to larger cities where there is a massive demand for English teachers.

The benefits

An excellent command in English is another advantage when seeking for an opportunity to teach in Chile. You don’t need to have a degree as long as you have the necessary documents. While in Chile, you can teach for some time then later upgrade your position and salary level in another school. Teaching in rapidly growing cities like Santiago will give you the chance to meet and interact with people from all walks of life, which will add value to your career.

Make a difference to your students’ lives

As an English teacher in Chile, you should have passion for your job and ensure your students learn and improve on the language. Through English, your students will have numerous opportunities like getting better job opportunities in English speaking countries without communication barrier and interacting freely with friends and different cultures.

Discover the world

For a TEFL teacher; you can travel and teach English anywhere in the world. You can even decide to spend a year in Cambodia and another year in Chile. Additionally, you are free to choose any country you would love to work with according to your likings. A TEFL teacher can work in Europe, South America, and Asia and so on.


In case you are looking for English teaching jobs in Chile, then it’s an excellent opportunity for you. Chile is a great destination offering flexible requirements for teachers, and there is also a high demand to teach adult professionals. You can get your TEFL certified in Santiago or choose to take an online TEFL class before you travel to Chile.

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