How to Easily Get $99 Back from Amazon from Late Prime Shipments (Which Always Happen!)

by Darwin on July 31, 2016

I saw a blurb on Twitter a while back about getting a free month of Amazon Prime every time a Prime shipment was late based on their Terms and Conditions. I was a bit skeptical, but after trying it out with a few of my late orders and getting immediate relief, it’s true!  You can, (apparently up to 12 times, for a free year essentially) complain to Amazon every time your order arrives more than 2 days late and they’ll automatically credit your account to extend by 1 month for free.  Here’s the 1 minute effort exercise for each month’s extension:
1. Go into your Orders History.  Scroll down. Amazon does a nice job of lining up order date and delivery date very close together so it’s easy to scan.
2. Find any transaction that had greater than 2 days from order to delivery. You’ll find this is actually somewhat common – I get 3-5 day deliveries now and then even when ordering Prime.
3. Copy and Paste the Order Number.
4. Draft an email (example below). Amazon will immediately respond that they’ve credited your account with a free month.

Essentially, if you’re already on Amazon every so often, this is an incremental 1-2 minutes of work 12 times; so let’s call it a total of 30 minutes total effort.  At $99 saved, that’s about $200/hour!  Consider that this is post-tax money you’re getting back, so it’s really more like $300 per hour assuming you only keep 2/3 of what you make.
Example email I used, which worked twice so far: “Hi, the cleaner that was ordered as part of this order should have arrived within 2 days and it took 5.  As a result, I had to buy one at the store separately at an inconvenience to me.  Can you confirm what the delivery date is and for a prime order this late, I am entitled to a free month of Prime per the Terms and Conditions – could you please credit my account accordingly?”
Even if you don’t use Prime now, this is essentially a guide to get your first year entirely free! Here’s a link right to the latest Amazon Prime Signup deals.

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