How to save money on groceries

by Darwin on April 6, 2020

Ever wonder how much money there is in the entire world? Think there’s no sensible answer to that question? I’ll tell you. There is $36.8 trillion in the world. Now, ever wondered how many people are in the world? You may already know. The answer is around 8 billion. Why all these questions and numbers? The point is that when we divide the amount of money in the world by the amount of people in the world, we get an answer of about $4,500 dollars per person. Not a lot, is it. Especially when we factor in multi billionaires, eating up huge segments of the money pie, the amount left to go around is really very small per person. That’s why you should never feel like the odd one out or like everyone else is doing better than you when it comes to money. 

We all need more money. There are a thousand things we’d do with it if we had it. So, how do we get more of it? Saving on groceries is never going to buy us a private jet, but it WILL help to pay for obligatory expenses like birthdays. Remember, certain people may be entitled to extra financial help (for example, see how to increase VA disability from 80 to 100 – always make sure you receive your full entitlement of any benefits you may be owed).

Get the app 

There are two ways that you can compare prices between stores. One way is to remember all the prices of the things you usually buy from your usual store, and wander into a competitor store to look at their prices and do a bit of mental math. The other way is the smart way. Get a price comparison app. Scan any barcode, and the app will tell you the different prices at different stores. Instant savings are a scan away. 

Buy basics in bulk

Some basics cannot be bought in bulk. Things milk and bread, for example. But many things can be bought in bulk online for huge savings. Think about toilet roll, pasta, tinned foods, sauces in glass jars, potato chips, coffee … even peanut butter. When you really think about it, there’s a ton you can save by buying in bulk.

Shop the bottom shelf

Cheaper items with less attractive packaging are stocked lower down on the shelf. Try out some cheaper lower-shelf brands for instant grocery wins. 

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