InterTrader Review

by Darwin on September 15, 2013

InterTrader is the result of a 2008 merge of CityIndex and Party Gaming.  In essence, if you can think of a commodity, index, world event or other tradable event, you’re likely to find it here.  Here are some key attributes for this trading platform and what to expect:

  • Spread Betting – This form of trading goes by various names in different countries, but in the UK, spread betting refers to the ability to trade both rising and falling markets and attempting to derive value from the volatility as long you’re right directionally.  InterTrader prides themselves on tight fixed dealing spreads, low margin rates and the ability to trade various equities, indices, commodities and more.
  • CFDs – A CFD is a Contract for Difference.  It is a flexible contract for buying shares or other financial instruments via a contract based on the market price.  There is no commission to trade equities, just a small spread from just 0.05% for major companies in the UK equity markets.
  • Forex Trading – Foreign Exchange (currency) trading comes in and out of the news depending on what’s going on in the world.  Often times, there are fortunes to be made during a crisis, a governmental reserve intervention, a war or some other newsworthy event that could influence currencies.  If you think you can read the tea leave better than the next guy, you might want to give currency trading a try.
  • Interface – Aside from a clean interface on a typical desktop, InterTrader also offers various mobile trading platforms for iPhone/iPad and Android devices.
  • Demo Account – If you’re new to trading or used to a different platform and not ready to take the plunge with real cash just yet, you can try out InterTrader’s Demo Account service.  It’s a risk-free opportunity to learn the basics and become comfortable with the platform and trader tools with a virtual account of £10,000.
  • TradeBack Benefits – This is an option you don’t see with many online services, which is of great benefit to members.  Each month, the system keeps tabs on your trades and whether you were gaining or losing money on the trades, based on the total fees from spreads, you can get a rebate of up to 10% of those trading costs over a certain amount.

I usually like to have 1-2 trading accounts “hot”, even if I’m not actively trading anything.  See, things can happen quickly in the market. Imagine having plenty of cash on hand in 2009 when the market pivot bottomed, but were unable to take advantage of the rebound.  If you’re in the UK and looking to trade, invest, hedge or partake in these various types of offerings, check out InterTrader here.


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