Is gambling the best option for a career?

by Darwin on May 8, 2014

The chances are that when you attended career days at school and they spoke about possible career options, professional gambling was not one of the potential avenues mentioned. Nonetheless, it is actually possible to make a sustainable living for yourself as a professional gambler – lots of people do just that. So how could you go about trying to make your living that way?

Well, lottery betting is not the way to go about it, whether you are aiming for the big win that will last a lifetime, or simply trying to win smaller sums to live off via scratch cards. The chances of the former happening are so slim that it is not even worth discussing, while the latter is far too unreliable – plus the actual amounts you win are generally not significant enough to tide you over between wins. For gambling to be ‘sustainable’ you need to make enough from it not to be out of pocket when your luck is out, and this is why sports betting is usually not the best way either.

That is not to say that professional gamblers do not bet on sports like horse racing and football – just that they usually do not have it as their sole, or even primary, means of income. There are too many variables in sports contests that could see even the smartest of bets fail, and the winnings are often not sizeable enough. Instead those gamblers who are actually able to make a sustainable living from their betting usually play slots like Avalon II or games like poker as their main focus. For the most part this means playing tournament poker – with serious gamblers always on the look out for a tournament, either via an online casino or in the physical world. Here there is the chance to win more than enough money to be your main income, allowing things like betting on sports to be a means of supplementing this.

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