Monetary risks you should not take on vacation

by Darwin on July 7, 2011

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No matter how far you’re thinking of venturing on vacation this year or how much it has cost to put together, it goes without saying that you’ll be determined to make it as relaxing and memorable as possible. The problem, though, is that there are several potential financial pitfalls of which you should ultimately steer clear. Read on to make sure you don’t get tripped up during your trip away.

Protect yourself and others

Think of travel insurance as a necessary evil. Nobody likes paying for it and nobody wants to worry about what might or might not go wrong during your vacation, either to yourself or to any your travel companions. But – and it’s quite a significant but – failure to get adequate cover could prove financially crippling in the event of an unexpected incident happening and wrecking your holiday. Just three of the possible scenarios that may occur include losing your luggage, having your flights cancelled or sustaining an injury or illness. The list is, indeed, far more extensive than this. Save yourself the heartache and hassle and get a policy to fit your exact requirements. It doesn’t even have to cost a great amount, so when it comes to buying travel insurance compare prices, the leading online comparison site, to secure the best deals out there.

Get more foreign dough for your dollars

It’s not just travel insurance that can work out cheaper if you shop around as the same can be said for getting value for money if you need to change currency before jetting off around the world. The rate of exchange can differ greatly from place to place so just be wary of this and particularly avoid leaving it to the last minute and doing it in the airport as they’re renowned for offering you much lower exchange rates, which could leave you out of pocket and not to mention massively frustrated.

Put a budget in place

The financial impact of going on vacation can catch you off guard if you lose track of exactly where all your money is going and become a little bit too sloppy and irresponsible. By putting a budget in place – and a realistic budget at that – you can stay in control of every last nickel and dime if you so wish. It’s probably best not to be too strict as a little flexibility could come in handy at some point, although you can drive down the cost of doing certain activities while you’re away by booking online in advance to take advantage of possible discount incentives. Never be content to pay full price to get into, say, a major attraction as the chances are that you’ll be able to make instant savings through their website. The cost of things like car rental, flights and accommodation can also come out considerably lower by spending a bit of time beforehand scouring the Internet for bargain buys.

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youngandthrifty July 8, 2011 at 1:52 am

I got gouged at the destination airport currency exchange a few times, that’s for sure! Sometimes the originating country (e.g. Canada for me) doesn’t have the currency I want, so I end up just exchanging a bit at the airport so I can use the money for a cab ride.

Great tips!


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