Need to Make Money Fast? John Crestani’s Story Shows You How

by Darwin on August 15, 2016

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In 2009, John Crestani was just another 21-year-old college dropout, spending what little cash he had to travel before the realities of needing a day job caught up with him. While he did go on to struggle through a day job for a few years, he always knew that a standard 9:00 to 5:00 job wasn’t for him. He wanted a way to make money fast, and to spend his life traveling and exploring instead of working in an office. The answer, for him, was starting his own affiliate business.


The Undeserved Bad Reputation of Affiliate Business


Affiliate marketing, which is a business model where business owners help direct consumers to other businesses’ products and services, often carries a bad reputation. At worst, it can be seen as a scam. At best, it’s seen as something that is outdated. However, as someone like John Crestani shows, neither of those things are true.


In fact, owning your own affiliate business is a great way to make money fast. By choosing the right niche, doing your own keyword research and market research before you begin, and focusing on helping consumers find a great product, it’s very easy to be making money by the end of the week.


The Secret to Setting Up a Passive Affiliate Business


If you want to make money fast, the best way to do that is to focus on promoting a handful of great products, in as many ways as you can. Use email marketing, landing pages, social media ads, native ads networks, and other techniques to get your affiliate business off the ground.


But there’s more than just learning how to make money fast – you also need to know how to make money long term. And for that, John Crestani created a business that would run passively; that is, it would run without him having to be present or working. He did this in a number of ways:


  • He set up a team, and recorded himself as he created an affiliate campaign for a product. He then gave the team his recording so that they could perfectly copy his techniques. This ensured that his business was able to make money fast using exactly the same techniques he did, so that he was “working” without even being there!
  • He turned his expertise into educational materials. John Crestani’s Super Affiliate system teaches aspiring affiliates how to create the most successful business they can, right out of the gate. By recording a few lectures and creating a product that can sell right from his own website, John Crestani created a line of passive income to continue growing his wealth.


Where is He Today?


If you want to recreate his success, getting started with affiliate marketing doesn’t have to be difficult. Yes, you’ll need to be dedicated to your business at first – it’s not something that will run itself in the first week. But, with a small amount of research and a quick website, you could be making money as soon as this week with affiliate marketing. Choose a product (or several) that you know to be useful, and find out where your target market hangs out.


If you want the insider secrets on how to start and succeed with affiliate marketing, why not learn from the man himself?  Today, Crestani fills his days with travel, adventure, and work – but only the work that he is most passionate about, and only when he’s not busy living the life he’s always dreamed of. By being smart about starting his affiliate marketing business, and by creating methods of passive income, he was able to turn his 21-year-old self’s dreams into his new reality. His Super Affiliate system shows you how.

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