Picking the Right Space in the Right Place

by Darwin on October 8, 2014

Hunting for and picking the right office space for your business can be one of the most critical decisions you’ll make. The right location can influence your clients and even your choice of workers, so focus on getting the best possible space that you can reasonably afford in these three critical cities: Gurgaon, Kolkata, and Noida. All three are booming with young, well-educated workers looking for the right niche and the right amenities to draw in even more. A middle class boom is bringing the cream of the university crop, as well as service workers and skilled tradespeople in search of a nice flat for their family and a good paycheck to put in the bank.


Going Up!

India’s economy is booming, according to the Economic Times, expanding and accelerating at the speed of information and the Internet. Construction is going around the clock to keep up with the influx of foreign multinationals and India’s own home grown economic tigers. The new administration is vowing greater engagement for the poor, bringing them some of the economic benefits that have passed them by, and to encourage a revival of the manufacturing sector in order to reduce India’s increasing reliance on imports for everything from building materials to mobile phones. Taking a look at three cities experiencing massive growth in their economic sectors can give you a rough guide on relocating your business to a more advantageous location and finding an office space that can work for you.  I had spent a week in India and it was one of the most memorable life experiences I’ve ever had.

Gurgaon: Once an agricultural area. Gurgaon has boomed with new offices, residential developments, hotels, and retail areas. Home to many multinationals as well as home grown industries, Gurgaon’s strength in the technological, financial, and industrial sectors is undeniable, and the skyline bristles with new construction day and night. With the third highest income per capita in all of India, according to the Times of India, even the maids in Gurgaon can afford part time maids. Gurgaon is the go-to spot for India’s bright, young, educated class and their young families as they seek jobs to support affluent lifestyles and education for their children. Attracted to the booming tech and financial sectors, both young men and young women have flooded into the residential developments and seek to surround themselves with only the best. If you need a young, versatile, and technology adept workforce then Gurgaon and its modern commercial developments are your best pick.

Kolkata: The historic city of Kolkata is entering an interesting phase in its long history where the new and old are meeting again. Once the financial hub and commercial powerhouse of east India during the Mughal and Colonial eras, the city’s renaissance is drawing in new companies since taking off in the early 2000s. New residential developments house workers bound for the city’s vital financial and industrial hubs. Office and industrial spaces are at a premium, but are clean, modern, and well powered, often with backups built in as safeguards. Fourteen different universities insure a well-educated workforce and an excellent public transportation infrastructure assures that they will get to work.

Noida: The newest city in Uttar Pradesh can be called the Tokyo of India for its zooming property values fueled by the master planned infrastructure put in place to support the modern residential developments and office parks designed to draw in industries such as Information Technology, energy and power companies, automotive industry, and the film industry. A new, diverse city, Noida is also home to traditional villages within the Economic Empowerment Zone. Developers such as Unitech Group Properties are opening new office blocks, manufacturing hubs, and other commercial spaces designed for mixed use, featuring retail space, food courts, and even adjacent residential developments featuring kid and family friendly spaces, as well as thoughtfully planned community spaces for activities.

Space Exploration

When you’re looking for a space, take into account all your needs for technology – phone systems, computers, machinery from the office coffee maker to advanced manufacturing equipment and workstations. Power supply is critical to the safety of your data, so be sure that there is an uninterruptible power supply either with generator or solar backup. Power will keep those elevators moving, too, because who wants to get stuck in one? Also consider the convenience of your future workforce. Look for buildings near public transportation resources, or that offer taxi-bus services, as parking can be at a premium price for guarded and patrolled garages. Think also about the services that are on offer; are you going to use them or are they less for use and more for show? A concierge desk is a wonderful thing, but only if you use it. Whether you’re buying or renting office space, remember that paying for something you don’t need is a waste of money.


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