Prosperity Bank Review: Here’s What Their Customers Think

by Darwin on October 11, 2017

A trusted bank is one people can rely on every time, all the time and anywhere.

The Prosperity Bank is one of the trusted banks in Texas.

Most of the time, banks are evaluated with their customer services, products and services, and efficiency.

The multi-billion dollar financial holding company has score highly in all the three. Reviews from satisfied customers can attest to that fact as note here in.

Prosperity Bank services

The bank offers a variety of services for both personal and business purposes. Their customers consist of small and medium-sized businesses and consumers.

Their services include Personal and business banking products and services, Online banking Services, Credit cards, Debit cards, 24-hour voice response banking, Mortgage Service, Cash Management and Mobile Banking, Trust and Wealth Management for individuals and businesses and Retail Brokerage Services.

Their IRA accounts provide customers with tax benefits on retirement savings.

Personal Banking Services and products


Their services and product for personal customers include:

Deposit Products – Personal Savings/Money Market, Personal Checking’s among others.

Loan Products – they offer car loans, home loans, home Equity loans and home Improvement loans among others.

Online Services – customers have access to Internet Banking, eStatements and Internet Banking Enrollment.

Other services offered to Personal Customers by the bank include Investment Services, Customer credit and debit card, and Trust Services.

Business Banking Services and products


Their products and services for businesses include:

Deposit Products – Business Savings/Money Market, Business Checkings, CD’s and IRA’s

Loan Products – SBA Loans and Commercial loans

Online Services – Internet Banking, Treasury Management, Internet Banking Enrollment

Other services offered to business by the bank include Trust Services, Investment Services, Public Fund Services, Merchant Services and Corporate Credit Card.


Customer Reviews


Customers served at Prosperity Bank usually speak out to recommend or complain about a service provided by the bank.

This feedback is what forms the reviews to which give you clarity as a prospective client in deciding to engage with the bank.

Positive Reviews

Good Customer Service – according to the customer’s reviews some of the customers are satisfied and happy with the customer service at the bank. They term the bank staff as friendly and helpful.

Loan Approval – Loans are quite crucial in this day and age and with the fact that you are in the business world you need cash flow almost all the time to run your investment. Quick access to the bank give the bank so much credit. Most Prosperity Bank customers noted that the bank quickly reviews and approves mortgages and loan especially to personal customers and business entities respectively. The loan officers are helpful and they respond quickly to customers.

Negative Reviews

Online Services – customers noted that there is Slow and poor online services. Their 24-hour voice response is poor with a lot of delays. Slow response/feedback when messages are sent online. Some customers claim that the automated phone system charges to use to check balances and transactions and that their online banking is a bit complicated to log in to, if you find you can’t log in, try using this tutorial by CC Bank.

Parking – There is limited parking space for the bank customers.

Trust Services – Some customers had bad experiences with the trust services offered by the bank. They do not have confidence in this service.

Poor Customer Service – The bank staff is said to be slow, rude, unprofessional and unfriendly.

Debit Cards – waiting for a long time before a customer can receive their debit card and there is no temporary solution that is offered by the bank.

Savings Account – The interest rates are poor compared to other banks.

Few Bank branches – Customers in some areas have to travel long distances to access the bank services. It is not convenient especially when the customer urgently needs their services that are not available online.

General Reviews

Other reviews that have been given are that their rates for the bill pay services are too high. They also have high charges for managing Trust Accounts.

Some customers feel that the bank staff does not trust them and they treat them as criminals.

This specific review was given by a customer who wanted to deposit a check into their personal account.

However, other customers have raised concerns where the bank has allowed a stolen check to be deposited using stolen identification card.

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