Rags To Riches: The Russell Ruffino Story

by Darwin on November 19, 2018

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You’ve probably heard a rags to riches story at least once or twice in your life. These stories tend to be inspiring to the masses, proving that it is possible to make your way to riches if you work hard at it. One of the most intriguing rags to riches stories of today is Mr. Ruffino’s story. By reshaping the idea of online marketing, Mr. Ruffino went from a Bartender to a multi-millionaire CEO of an Inc. 500 company. Here’s his story:

Who Is Russell Ruffino?

Today, Mr. Ruffino is the multi-millionaire founder and CEO of a firm called Clients on Demand. His business, one that made it to the Inc. 500 list of successful companies, is focused on helping business owners to not only scale their business, but to do it quickly. Essentially, he makes millions teach others how to make millions. However, that’s not where he started.

It’s interesting to think that Mr. Ruffino wasn’t born rich. There was no silver spoon and no silver platter. In fact, a short while ago, he wasn’t running a company. Instead, he was running drinks from one side of the bar to another as a $500 per week bartender. Nonetheless, he got tired of that lifestyle and decided to do something about it.

Going From Vision To Action

Like many in his position, Russ Ruffino dreamed of breaking free from the rat race. To do so, he studied what success was and how to get there. He often heard that if you want to be successful, you have to take time out of your day to envision success. So, he spent his 15 minutes per day thinking about the successful life that he wanted to lead and how great it would be to be in that position. Unfortunately, this didn’t seem to work.

Russ had the vision. He thought about success all the time. However, vision is nothing without action, and one day it hit him. He was going to envision success, but this time, he would do it differently.

Moving forward, when thinking about his successful future self, Mr. Ruffino didn’t think about the cars, the house or even the money. Instead, he started to think about what his future self would do if he was in the same position that he was actually in at the moment. How would his future self address challenges in his life? How would his future self react when he was told to stand behind a bar for $500 per week? What would his future self do with is free time.

Then, the magic happened. Instead of just thinking about success, he started to act. Mr. Ruffino started walking in the shoes of the man he wanted to become. He knew that this man would never work a job he hated for a measly $500 per week paycheck. He knew that his successful future self wouldn’t waste his free time. He knew that it was time to become the man he wanted to be.

Ruffino’s Success Came When He Invited It

Soon, Mr. Ruffino quit his day job in search of his dream. He didn’t have much, but what he did have was an idea and a willingness to work to bring his dreams to life. Within six months, Ruffino joined the six figure club, making well over $100,000 per year. Today, Ruffino is in the seven figure club, enjoying the life of the millionaire that he envisioned only a few short years ago.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is a relatively simple one. Many of us often think about success, but thoughts without actions are nothing more than daydreams. Mr. Ruffino is walking, talking, breathing proof that if you want success bad enough, it’s available. All you have to do is stop thinking about it and take action to become the successful person that you want to be!


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