by Darwin on February 14, 2011

It’s tax time again.  Despite what you’ve probably heard about the vast complexity of the US tax code, most Americans can actually e-file their taxes online without the use of an accountant or tax preparer in person.  I did this for years until very recently when I had the added complexity and documentation associated with the LLC I formed for my small business.

Today, I’m reviewing the, who guarantee that your income tax refund will be correct and offer a federal and state tax preparation for only $14.95.

At the outset, you’ll notice on their homepage, not only are there offers for Federal tax filing, but you can e-file state taxes online as well.  Bonus! there are further discounts for Facebook users (which means just about everyone!), as well as a refer a friend Bonus where you can push the social networking experience even further by earning some referral fees yourself.

They offer other services and options as well, including just paying for their service by simply deducting it from your refund (for a fee), as well as a partnership with AuditGuard, which offers audit protection as part of their tax preparation package.  This means that should you be audited by the IRS, you’ll have their team of tax experts at your disposal to support and protect your rights under the tax code.

OnepriceTaxes offers a 100% guarantee on the accuracy of their calculations and estimates a 30 minute prep period for your taxes online once you start.

In looking through some of the other services and offerings, you can track your refund online, the terms and conditions of their guarantee are laid out in plain English, and the site has a pretty comprehensive tax help section for things like tax credits, AMT and more.

So, if you’re looking to do online tax filing this year, check them out!

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